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From Houses to Hope: AUSMAR’s Holistic Impact on Children’s Mental Health

Discover the heart behind our mission to nurture mental well-being and create a sense of support and community.

5 min read | March 7, 2024 – 7.00am

In the world of healthcare, small acts of comfort can make a world of difference. Take Bailey Anderson’s story as an example. Once faced with the distressing ordeal of medical procedures, Bailey’s experience transformed when the Nambour Hospital’s Diversional Therapy Program stepped in. Thanks to this innovative initiative, Bailey’s anxiety was soothed by the presence of a music therapist or a friendly dog. The result? A peaceful environment, reduced stress for his family, and cost savings for the hospital.

Nurturing Hope Through The House The Coast Built

The heart warming tale of Bailey’s transformation is just one among many stories that emerged from The House The Coast Built project in 2015. AUSMAR, a proud advocate of community well-being, joined forces with more than 50 local businesses to construct and auction a new home. The goal? Raising funds to support sick children and those facing the challenges of mental illness or substance addiction in their families.

Michelle Anderson with Bailey, 4, and Jayden, 2, with Troy Wainwright and ‘Brandy’ at the site of the house to be built by Wishlist. Picture: Warren Lynam

A Vision That Makes a Difference

As the construction of the new home took shape, the community witnessed a vision materialising – a vision fuelled by compassion, dedication, and the collective desire to create a positive impact. With each beam and nail, hope grew stronger. The funds raised from the auction of this house became a beacon of light for families like Bailey’s and others facing similar challenges.

Building Foundations for a Brighter Tomorrow

The success of The House The Coast Built transcended bricks and mortar. It became the foundation upon which a brighter tomorrow was built for many Sunshine Coast families. The proceeds generated were channelled into essential programs like the Diversional Therapy Program and SCKoping getaway camps. These initiatives provided not only respite but also a sense of support and community for children aged between nine and 18, navigating the complexities of mental illness and addiction within their families.

AUSMAR’s Ongoing Commitment

As we reflect on the legacy of The House The Coast Built 2015, AUSMAR’s commitment to community well-being continues to shine. This project was not merely a one-time endeavour but a representation of a larger philosophy ingrained in the very fabric of AUSMAR’s values. Today, we stand proud of our contribution to the creation of positive change and remain dedicated to supporting initiatives that uplift and empower our community.

If you’re inspired to be a part of our journey in creating a brighter future, we invite you to join us in making a difference. Contact us today to learn more about our ongoing efforts to enhance the lives of those around us.


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