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Transforming Lives Through Vision: AUSMAR’s Contribution to Eye Care

As we dive into the new year, we share how the funds raised from our 2011 charity project has revolutionised eye care on the Sunshine Coast.

5 min read | January 25, 2024 – 7.00am

In a heartwarming testament to the lasting impact of community initiatives, we celebrate the incredible journey of the “House The Coast BuiltWishlist project—a legacy that continues to shape lives in more ways than one. As we move into a new year, we’re excited to share how the funds raised from the 2011 charity project have been utilised to revolutionise eye care on the Sunshine Coast.

Illuminating Vision: A Journey of Generosity

In partnership with Wishlist Foundation, AUSMAR embarked on a journey that transcended the realm of construction. The “House The Coast Built” initiative brought together the Sunshine Coast community’s strength and compassion, resulting in a collective effort that not only built homes but also built hope. Back in 2011, this project raised funds that are now making a resounding impact on the Sunshine Coast’s eye care landscape.

Vision for a Brighter Future

Through the funds raised from the 2011 “House The Coast Built” project, Wishlist Foundation has channelled their efforts into enhancing eye care services at Caloundra Hospitals’ Ophthalmology Department. A staggering $430,000 worth of eye service improvement equipment was provided to the Ophthalmology Unit, sparking a wave of transformation in patient care. And the impact continues.

Over the past decade, Wishlist has continually expanded its commitment to eye care, pouring in nearly $70,000 to procure crucial equipment that empowers eye specialists to diagnose and treat patients more effectively. The equipment includes advanced tools that aid in diagnosing conditions like squints, traumatic eye injuries, and retinal issues. This investment has drastically reduced waiting times and elevated the quality of care provided locally.

Advancements in Eye Care

The significance of Wishlist contributions can’t be overstated. The advancements made in eye care are a testament to the power of community-led initiatives. The cryotherapy equipment, for instance, has become a cornerstone of treatment, allowing the medical team to address various eye conditions effectively. The acquisition of specialised tools like the retina max auto refractor has enabled precise measurements for children with squints and adults with refractive errors, offering tailored treatment plans that were previously inconceivable.

A Community United

The success of Wishlist endeavours wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of the Sunshine Coast community. Their contributions, whether through participation in the initial “House The Coast Built” project or subsequent endeavours, have created a ripple effect that touches countless lives. Each appointment handled at the Ophthalmology Department—more than 1000 paediatric appointments and over 6000 adult appointments annually—is a testament to the transformational power of collective effort.

Looking Ahead: The Journey Continues

As we embrace the present and look toward the future, Wishlist Foundation’s commitment remains steadfast. Their unyielding determination to provide top-notch medical equipment, services, and research opportunities continues to uplift the Sunshine Coast community. We stand proud to have played a part in this journey, and we encourage everyone to join hands and contribute to a future where health and well-being are accessible to all.

The “House The Coast Built” charity project is not just a chapter in history – it’s a living embodiment of how a community’s love and compassion can bring about lasting change. Let’s continue to build on this legacy, one that shapes brighter futures and clearer visions for generations to come.

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