Transforming dreams into Reality: AUSMAR Success Stories

At AUSMAR, we take pride in turning dreams into reality, creating homes that exceed expectations. Don’t just take our word for it – hear it from our delighted homeowners!

5 min read | January 15, 2023 – 7.00am

Joshua Reilly: Navigating challenges with transparency

Joshua faced unique challenges building during COVID, but what stood out for him was AUSMAR’s commitment to openness and honesty. Director Josh Green’s direct communication, along with the support of Daniel Rycen and Janine Newton, ensured a smooth process despite the hurdles. The result? A home of exceptional quality that outshines the rest.

“We built in the midst of COVID and had a lot of issues with prices, timeframes, and trades. What impressed us most was the openness and honesty from AUSMAR. Josh Green worked with us on the price, and Daniel Rycen and Janine Newton ensured everything fell into place. The quality of the build was worth the wait, and we’d build with AUSMAR again for the incredible team.”

Joshua Reilly’s House

Pamela: Constructive collaboration in challenging times

Caught in the grip of COVID delays, Pamela praises AUSMAR for constructive collaboration in all aspects of the build. Despite setbacks, the AUSMAR team kept her informed and delivered a beautifully constructed house. Pamela gladly recommends AUSMAR to anyone seeking a quality home.

“Our home is everything we hoped for. The AUSMAR team were constructive in all areas of the build. Unfortunately, we were caught up with Covid, but AUSMAR kept us in the loop. We would be happy to recommend anyone to AUSMAR.”

Pamela’s Custom House

Mark Marshall: Excellence in design and communication

Mark and his family received their keys with delight, praising the excellent finish and expressing eagerness to move into their dream home. Daniel, the site manager, played a pivotal role, ensuring effective communication and overcoming challenges. For Mark, AUSMAR’s commitment to design excellence sets them apart.

“We are very pleased with our house, and the finish is excellent. Our site manager Daniel maintained communication throughout, even during delays. We can’t thank him enough for helping us design our dream home.”

Mark’s House

Kirstey Wheeler: Weathering setbacks with commitment

Despite market challenges, Kev and Janine ensured Kirstey remained informed throughout the build. Her appreciation for AUSMAR’s commitment echoes the sentiment of many satisfied homeowners. For Kirstey, the experience was great, and the result was a home she’s truly thankful for.

“AUSMAR and Kevin did a wonderful job building my new home. Kev and Janine always kept me informed of what was happening. Overall, it was a great experience, and I am thankful to Kev and Janine for all their time and commitment to my build.”

Kirstey’s House

Jordan W: Stress-Free first home experience

Choosing AUSMAR for his first home, Jordan experienced a stress-free process. Dan and Liana guided him through a busy period for builders, maintaining professionalism and efficiency. Jordan is now happily settled in his first home, a testament to AUSMAR’s dedication to client satisfaction.

“I chose to build with AUSMAR for my first home, and from the get-go, they were so helpful. Dan and Liana kept the build process quick, easy, and professional. Very happy with the end result.”

Jordan’s House

Kosi and Susi: Magnificent dream home realised

Kosi and Susi extend a big thank you to AUSMAR for completing their dream home magnificently. The smooth process and brilliant communication from Alisha and Brendon made the journey memorable. Their heartfelt thanks underline AUSMAR’s commitment to delivering excellence.

“Big thanks to AUSMAR for completing our dream home magnificently. Our process was ever so smooth, and the communication was brilliant. Special thanks to Alisha and Brendon, you guys are simply amazing.”

Kosi and Susi’s House

Chakra: Caring, supportive, and professional

Chakra commends AUSMAR for building an amazing home with a caring, supportive, and professional team. Daniel and Janine’s dedication ensured the house was completed with great quality, even during challenging times post-COVID. A heartfelt thank you to AUSMAR for making dreams come true.

“Built our first home with AUSMAR. An amazing home was built by their very caring, supportive, and professional team. Can’t thank enough to the construction supervisor Daniel and the client liaison officer Janine. Simply Great people making Great homes!! Thank you AUSMAR.”

Nao’s House

Garrie: Trusted local builder for a new beginning

Moving to Queensland, Garrie and family sought a trusted local builder. AUSMAR met their criteria, offering not just a house but a well-designed personalised home. From Ian’s expertise to seamless liaisons with consultants, AUSMAR proved to be the right choice for a new nest.

“We fell in love with the last display home we viewed. The process was transparent, well-explained, and Ian Sullivan expertly liaised with consultants. We look forward to moving into our new nest.”

Garrie’s Home Building Journey To Date

Elizabeth: A pleasurable building journey

For Elizabeth, dealing with the entire AUSMAR team was a pleasure. Supportive and informative at every step, AUSMAR delivered a home of amazing quality. Elizabeth loves her new home and wouldn’t hesitate to build with AUSMAR again.

“What a pleasure it was dealing with the entire team at AUSMAR! Supportive and informative during every step of our building journey. We love our new home; the quality is amazing!! We would definitely build AUSMAR homes again.”

Elizabeth and Shane’s home

These testimonials paint a vivid picture of why homeowners choose AUSMAR – the dedication, transparency, and commitment to quality that make us the top choice for building dreams on the Sunshine Coast. Your dream home journey begins with us! #BuildingDreams #AUSMAR



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