Commercial development projects

Ausmar Commercial is the other side of our business, focusing on commercial and industrial projects throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and South East Queensland. A wealth of combined experience in the business, financial and building industries combine to create a well-oiled operation capable of handling any commercial development.

With award-winning developments in community accommodation, over 50’s lifestyle living, sporting facilities and commercial buildings, Ausmar are a team you can trust. Our longevity has given us a strong network of high-performing tradespeople we partner with on all developments. So, when you choose Ausmar, you’re getting the expertise and capabilities you need to make any development a success.

Leaders in digital innovation

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of digital innovation. Whether it’s software programs for scheduling and project management or online portal systems, we’ve got the tools available to drive every development towards a positive outcome. Ausmar Commercial can accurately forecast build project timelines and keep workflow running with outstanding efficiency.

We can also help link your management systems into ours. Therefore, you’ll never be left wondering about building progress again.

With an open record of tasks and communications, Ausmar Commercial are able to achieve a totally transparent builder/client relationship.

Maroochy River Golf Club

A central project management hub

Experience has shown us that there’s plenty behind the scenes that goes into a successful commercial development. You can have the best tradespeople, materials and skills, but without proper management, a development won’t run smoothly.

On the commercial development side of things, this allows us to continually manage and monitor all projects from one central hub. With all of our communications, administration and IT taken care of at one location, we manage projects effectively to exceed all quality standards.

A truly collaborative approach

Our directors Tony, Josh, Richard & Tim all work full time in the business, and have a strong focus on the continued growth of all thing Ausmar. One of the pillars of the business is to build strong relationships with all of our partners to continually develop. We achieve this by taking a truly collaborative approach to all commercial projects, keeping key stakeholders up to date every step of the way.

Award winning commercial development

We don’t do what we do for the awards, but it’s certainly nice to get some recognition of our hard work. Many of our commercial property developments have been awarded by leading industry groups, and we’re always grateful for the recognition.

Our commercial partners have confidence to work with us as leaders in commercial development. That’s because our strong project management approach and infrastructure sets us up for success. When you want an experienced team you can trust, look no further than Ausmar Homes.

Award winning commmercial development

Commercial building projects

Ausmar Homes are the experts in delivering efficient project management of all commercial building types. From industrial buildings to offices and retail, we’ve got the expertise you need. A perfect example of this is our $2.2 million Ausmar Group Headquarters and Atelier showroom. The MBA recognised this building with an award in 2017, which is testament to our management of a 10-month build process involving 85 local contractors.

These types of multi-use commercial buildings are our speciality. Our commercial office developments are modern, functional, with an emphasis on staff comfort. Our ability to combine other commercial elements such as retail premises and expansive showrooms highlights our skills in the commercial building space.

With qualified tradespeople forming part of our vast network, and the mostly highly skilled Sunshine Coast commercial builders, we’re well positioned to service all of your development needs. From start to finish, our team can manage your projects with efficiency, transparency and integrity.

Community accommodation

We have a proven record of developing large-scale community accommodation facilities on the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Complexes such as retirement villages, over 50’s communities, aged care facilities and nursing homes are all part of what we do. There’s so much work that goes into planning these developments before even breaking ground. So, you want to make sure you’re working with a company that understands the importance of quality planning.

Our track record is strong in this area, highlighted by our work on the recent Noosa Domain retirement village. We use a lean management structure, with project management and shared administration supported by Ausmar Homes. We achieve reduced costs, and in turn pass the savings on to our customers. The Noosa Domain project comprises of over 100 residences split in 3 stages. Rather than building identical units, home owners are able to choose from a wide variety of designs to suit their individual needs.

We also specialise in the development of lifestyle housing projects. Our specialty lies in housing for high-care residents such as the elderly and disabled. We also build entire communities, such as the 180-home Halcyon Landing over 50’s lifestyle community.

It’s these added complexities that may trouble some building companies, but with the strength of Ausmar Homes behind us, we can efficiently build attractive, affordable community accommodation.

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