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Tewantin’s Test: Overcoming Scaffolding, Shortages, and More in Tewantin

Our dream home project in Tewantin, perched dramatically on a slope, demanded innovative solutions to overcome challenges like complex scaffolding, trade shortages, and unpredictable weather.

5 min read | May 9, 2024 – 7.00am

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Building a custom home isn’t always a smooth ride. This was certainly the case for our recent project in Tewantin. While the final product is breathtaking, the journey there was filled with unique challenges that demanded creativity and collaboration.

  1. Scaffolding Summit: One of the first hurdles was the sheer scale of the project. With the house perched on a steep slope, extensive scaffolding was essential. We had to meticulously plan to adhere to strict height restrictions set by the council, requiring us to work backwards and strategically place the foundation. This meticulous approach, with some sections reaching within 20 millimetres of the allowed height, made navigating the scaffolding a complex dance.
  2. Navigating Trade Shortages: Unfortunately, the timing of the build coincided with a period of significant trade shortages, a result of the global pandemic. This extended the project timeline, pushing us beyond initial estimates. While the finished product is a testament to the hard work and dedication, it doesn’t fully capture the complexity of coordinating resources during this challenging period.
  3. Lengthy Approvals: Lengthy council approval processes, compounded by the project’s complexity, further impacted the timeline. While the development approval process began before AUSMAR’s involvement, it unfortunately extended into the period of trade shortages, adding another layer to the project’s timeline.
  4. Unearthing the Unexpected: Initial earthwork estimates proved inadequate, requiring additional time and resources. What might take a standard, single-story home two days for foundation work, transformed into a three-month process for this complex build. This involved intricate strip footings, small slabs, piers, and poles, demanding meticulous planning and execution.
  5. Weathering the Storm: Mother Nature also played a role in the project’s timeline. The steep terrain and unstable soil were highly susceptible to heavy rainfall, forcing us to halt construction for weeks at a time until the ground dried sufficiently. These weather-related delays further impacted the original schedule.

Despite these challenges, the AUSMAR team, alongside our dedicated client, persevered. The final product stands as a testament to our collaborative spirit, adaptability, and commitment to quality. It’s a beautiful example of custom home building at its finest, successfully navigating unique challenges to deliver a dream home in Tewantin.



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