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Seaforth Display Home: A Masterclass in Modern Design with a Retro Twist

Step inside the Seaforth display home and discover a haven of modern design with a playful retro twist. Drafting Person Jemma shares the inspiration behind the home’s unique features, from the stunning raked ceilings to the vibrant bathroom. Learn how they overcame design challenges and incorporated unexpected pops of personality to create a truly inviting space.

5 min read | February 5, 2024 – 7.00am

Were there any key design challenges you faced when designing the Seaforth display home?

One of the key design challenges we faced when designing the Seaforth display home was the number of feature zones. The house was initially cluttered with too many design elements, making it feel overwhelming and chaotic. To address this issue, we had to carefully strip back the design, removing unnecessary niches and other elements that were detracting from the overall flow of the space.

Another challenge was modernising the home without losing its unique character. Working closely with the colour consultants, we were able to select a palette that injected a fresh and modern feel while still complementing the home’s features. This careful balance was essential to creating a truly inviting and stylish space.

Can you share some unique design elements or features in the Seaforth that required attention to detail?

The Seaforth display home boasts several unique design elements that require attention to detail. One of the most striking features is the raked ceilings that extend from the porch all the way through to the back of the home. This design element, not typically found in everyday homes, creates a sense of grandeur and spaciousness throughout the living areas.

Achieving the raked ceiling without compromising functionality was a delicate task. We had to carefully consider the placement of ducted air conditioning units and other essential elements to ensure they were not adversely affected by the ceiling.

Another unique design feature is the feature cladding that wraps up and over from the porch into the entry. This simple yet effective solution adds a touch of character and visual interest to the entryway without requiring major structural changes. It serves as a reminder that even minor design details can make a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of a space.

What is your favourite feature within the Seaforth display home?

My personal favourite feature of the Seaforth display home is the bathroom. The bathroom design embraces a retro vibe, incorporating a playful and colourful palette that instantly elevates the space from ordinary to extraordinary. I believe that homes should have these unexpected pops of personality that evoke a sense of joy and surprise. In this case, the vibrant bathroom serves as a delightful surprise that transforms a mundane space into a fun and engaging environment.

I am particularly drawn to the raked ceilings within the living, dining, and patio areas. These ceilings add a touch of drama and grandeur to the space, regardless of whether it is styled in a minimalist or maximalist manner. The versatility of this design element makes it a timeless addition to any home.
Overall, the Seaforth display home is a testament to the power of thoughtful design and attention to detail. Each feature, from the raked ceilings to the vibrant bathroom, contributes to the home’s unique charm and inviting atmosphere.



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