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8 Steps to building your dream home with AUSMAR

In this article, we will walk you through the 8 steps to building your new home with AUSMAR.

4 min read | December 27, 2023 – 7.00am

Step 1: Provisional Sales Estimate

Your journey begins with a conversation with your dedicated New Home Consultant. They will take the time to understand your lifestyle, budget, and the specifications of your land. Whether you’re looking for a project home or a custom/boutique design, AUSMAR has a wide range of options to meet your needs. Once you’ve selected the build type and floor plan that aligns with your vision, you’ll receive a provisional sales estimate based on your choices.

Step 2: New Home Proposal

The next step involves costing your new home in more detail. AUSMAR’s team will arrange for an estimator to create a New Home Proposal based on their findings. At this stage, you can make some minimal alterations to your design and customise your floor plan, electrical plan, and site plan to make your home truly unique.

Step 3: Contract

Once you’re satisfied with the New Home Proposal, it’s time to review and accept the details of your new home contract. AUSMAR’s Client Liaison Officer will guide you through the specifications, working drawings, engineering slab design, soil report, and your final contract price. This is the point where everything becomes official, and your dream home starts to take shape.

Step 4: Colour Selection

Choosing the colour scheme of your new home is one of the most exciting parts of the process. Our Atelier Design Expert will work with you to select the theme that best suits your taste and style. Simultaneously, your Client Liaison Officer will ensure that all the necessary documentation is submitted to obtain building approval, keeping the process streamlined and efficient.

Step 5: Building Approval

With the colours and details now locked in, it’s time to prepare for the actual construction. Your Construction Client Liaison Officer will take charge of coordinating and scheduling the build. They will also arrange a meeting with your AUSMAR Site Supervisor, who will oversee the construction of your new home. AUSMAR’s commitment to transparency and efficiency shines through in this step.

Step 6: Construction

During the construction phase, you will be actively involved. You will have the opportunity to inspect and approve four major stages of the build with the Site Supervisor. This includes your approval of commencement activities, roof completion, tiling pre-start, and the final practical completion inspection. AUSMAR ensures that your vision is translated into reality at every step.

Step 7: Handover

The most awaited day has arrived – it’s time to assume ownership of your new home. Your Construction Client Liaison Officer will provide you with the final sign-off paperwork, and the keys to your new home will be handed over to you. This is the moment when your new life in your dream home truly begins.

Step 8: Maintenance

AUSMAR’s commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the handover. After 12 months, you will be contacted by our Aftercare Supervisor for a non-structural defects inspection. 

Customising our latest display home, the Seaforth: Making Your Dream Home Unique

The Seaforth is one of the many home designs AUSMAR offers, and it provides a canvas for you to create a truly unique home. Here are some customisation options you can explore:

Finishes: AUSMAR offers a wide range of finishes for your Seaforth home. From kitchen benchtops to flooring and bathroom tiles, you can choose materials and colours that match your personal style.

Layouts: The Seaforth home design is flexible, allowing you to slightly modify room layouts to suit your needs. Whether you want an open-plan living space, turn a bedroom into a home office, AUSMAR’s team can work with you to make it happen.

Outdoor Spaces: Don’t forget the outdoor areas. You can customise your Seaforth’s outdoor spaces, such as the patio, garden, or even the addition of a pool or spa.

Smart Home Features: AUSMAR is up-to-date with the latest technology trends. You can personalise your Seaforth with smart home features, from security systems to energy-efficient solutions like Solar. 

Ready to Build Your Dream Home?

AUSMAR is dedicated to delivering beautifully designed, quality constructed homes. Their award-winning team is committed to simplifying the building process and providing you with premium customer service. With a dedicated New Home Consultant and Client Liaison Officer by your side, you can rest assured that your project will be delivered on time and to your exact specifications.

So, when you’re ready to build your dream home on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, or Gympie, contact AUSMAR today. With over 30 years of experience, they are the experts who can make your dream home a reality. Don’t let the stress of building a new home overwhelm you; let AUSMAR take care of the details, so you can focus on creating the home of your dreams.



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