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Caloundra Hospital’s Eyesight Set with a $70,000 Boost!

Join AUSMAR on a heartwarming journey as we celebrate over 12 years of impact, transforming lives with the ‘House The Coast Built’ initiative

5 min read | February 29, 2024 – 7.00am

As we step into 2024, we find ourselves humbled and thrilled to share the incredible ongoing impact of a project that started over 12 years ago. AUSMAR, in collaboration with the Wishlist Foundation, spearheaded the “House The Coast Built” initiative in 2011. Little did we know that this endeavor would continue to weave a tapestry of hope and transformation across the Sunshine Coast community.

Caloundra Hospitals’ Ophthalmology Department: A Visionary Transformation

Fast forward to today, and the results are nothing short of awe-inspiring. The Ophthalmology Department at Caloundra Hospital has undergone a profound metamorphosis, all thanks to the enduring commitment and dedication of AUSMAR, the Wishlist Foundation, and the incredible Sunshine Coast community. The impact? A staggering $70,000 boost that has translated into cutting-edge equipment, reducing waiting times, and enhancing eye treatment capabilities.

A Collective Effort: Crossing the Half-a-Million-Dollar Mark

What started as a project with a vision has turned into a saga of compassion and investment. Wishlist Foundation, AUSMAR, and the local community joined hands in 2011, raising an astounding $430,000. Since then, Wishlist has donated an additional $70,000 to the Ophthalmology Department at Caloundra Hospital, surpassing the half-a-million-dollar mark in community funding. Not only does this serve as a become a beacon of hope for those in need, but it also symbolises a strong level of dedication for local businesses wanting to create a brighter future for our community.

From Children to Adults: Changing Lives, One Eye at a Time

The impact of the latest equipment is tangible and heartening. Wishlist Foundation’s CEO, Lisa Rowe, enthusiastically shares how innovative tools are making a difference in the lives of children with ‘squints,’ individuals with traumatic eye injuries, bed-bound adults, and those with retinal conditions. The equipment has become more than just tools; they are beacons of hope, offering advanced diagnostics and personalised treatment plans right here on the Sunshine Coast.

Beyond Medical Advancements: Bridging Gaps and Uplifting the Community

Wishlist Foundation’s support has extended beyond the medical realm, bridging gaps and enhancing accessibility to essential eye care services. No longer do locals have to embark on lengthy journeys to access specialised treatment. Thanks to the unwavering commitment of the community and Wishlist Foundation, the Sunshine Coast’s Ophthalmology Department stands as a symbol of accessible and advanced eye care.

Empowering the Future of Vision: A Closer Look at Equipment Advances

The commitment to eye care has led to significant advancements. State-of-the-art treatments, once inaccessible, are now a reality. Equipment like the cryotherapy device and the Vitreoretinal surgeon have become integral parts of the comprehensive care offered. The retina max auto refractor, measuring eye length and curvature, aids precise diagnoses for children with ‘squints’ and adults with refractive errors.

Embracing a Bright Future: AUSMAR’s Ongoing Legacy

As we reflect on the journey of the “House The Coast Built,” we stand proud as AUSMAR, contributing to this enduring legacy. It has transcended construction; it has become a testament to the impact that a community united by compassion can achieve. Wishlist Foundations’ ongoing commitment continues to light up lives, making the Sunshine Coast’s Ophthalmology Department a source of hope and transformation for everyone.

The journey continues, and we extend an invitation to you to be a part of this remarkable transformation. AUSMAR is currently undertaking another Wishlist accommodation project—Wishlist Gympie. If you feel compelled to contribute, know that you are joining a community that believes in the power of collective effort to create positive, lasting change.

 Let’s continue to illuminate the path toward a brighter future—one where accessibility, advanced care, and community support define our approach to well-being. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Harrison Higgins has benefited from equipment purchased by Wishlist.  Image SCN.

List of equipment purchases:

IC200 ICare Tonometer – Measures intraocular pressure in children and adult bed bound patients that cannot physically sit upright. This essential equipment is used for all emergency presentations and outpatient clinic patients.

Streak Led Ret & Prof Ophthalmoscope 3.6V + Double lithium charger – used on children and adults to visualise the fundus and red reflex of the eyes.

Vantage plus Led Indirect with slim line battery & charger – used to examine retinopathy of prematurity infants and adults with retinal conditions – provides a direct light source to illuminate the eye.

STD 2.5x42cm Galilean Loupe – used to enhance the magnification of the clinicians view when removing foreign bodies or suturing the eyelids post traumatic injury.

Mediview Metallic Blue Frame kit1- frame set that accompanies the Galilean Loupe Retinomax K + 5 Hand Held Auto Refractor / Keratometer – measures the axial length of the eye and the curvature of the cornea which is used in the assessment of children that have squints and refractive errors and adults pre and post-operative cataract surgery.

Acquisition of Ophthalmology cryotherapy device and handpieces – to treat eye and lid conditions whereby the freezing of tissue is required.

TOTAL: $68,831 


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