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A Ray of Hope in Tough Times: Wishlist House Eases Nightmare Week for Local Couple

Discover resilience and compassion in the face of adversity as Peter and Tracy Hansen’s life takes an unexpected turn during a medical crisis and devastating floods.

5 min read | March 28, 2024 – 7.00am

In the tranquil hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, what should have been a straightforward double knee replacement for Peter Hansen turned into a harrowing ordeal. His wife, Tracy, found herself caught in the crossfire of a medical crisis and devastating floods. Amidst these trials, their saving grace came in the form of Wishlist House, a haven of support and compassion during their darkest days.

A Week of Nightmares:

Peter’s journey began at a hospital north of the Sunshine Coast, where a routine knee replacement surgery took an unexpected turn when he had a severe adverse reaction to the anaesthesia. Tracy, his dedicated caregiver, watched in fear as he grappled with terrifying hallucinations.

After being discharged and returning to their idyllic five-acre property in Gheerulla, their troubles were far from over. South East Queensland was grappling with catastrophic floods, inundating not only their property but also affecting their neighbours. Tracy herself had to be rescued after enduring 24 hours without power.

But the challenges didn’t stop there. With Peter in Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCHUH), Tracy found herself commuting daily from their remote property to visit her ailing husband. The long hours and strenuous routine took a toll on her, especially when she accidentally reversed her scooter into a lift at the hospital.

A Glimpse of Hope:

It was during this trying time that Tracy stumbled upon a sign that offered a glimmer of hope. The sign pointed her towards Wishlist’s affordable accommodations near SCUH. Tracy recalls, “By the time I found out about Wishlist, we were seriously broke. While I couldn’t access my home due to floods, I was footing the bill for short term accommodation in Noosa during the school holidays.”

Wishlist came to their rescue by providing Tracy with accommodation at Wishlist House for two weeks. This became a lifeline for her amidst the turmoil. Tracy was overwhelmed by the warmth and compassion of the volunteers, describing Wishlist House as a “lovely family environment in the midst of a nightmare.”

A New Perspective:

After weeks of recovery, Peter was finally discharged from the hospital and resumed his work as a blacksmith. However, the experience left a lasting impact on Tracy. She reflects, “While the cause of Pete’s episode is still unknown, I, however, am not back to my old self. I’ve become a new person. I’m far more switched on to the human landscape around me and I’m far more open to strangers.”

Tracy credits their time at SCUH and Wishlist House for this transformation and expresses her heartfelt gratitude to everyone involved. She concludes, “To everyone involved, all I really can say is thank you.”

A Beacon of Hope: Wishlist House

In a world that sometimes feels fraught with adversity, stories like the Hansens’ remind us of the power of community and compassion. Wishlist House stands as a testament to the strength that can be found in unity, and the invaluable support it offers to those navigating their darkest hours.


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