All Ausmar clients are now issued with their own My Build Diary login, giving them access to all the key documents including contract, working drawings, claims, and of course progress photos! We understand how busy people are these days, so every time there is an important update you’ll receive an SMS from us notifying you to jump on and check it out. This week we asked Sam & Giv what they thought of their My Build Diary.

Now that your home is underway, what’s your feedback about your My Build Diary?

It’s one of the best things Ausmar has! Definitely, a big reason we felt SO comfortable and confident deciding to build with Ausmar. Everything is so black and white and you feel constantly looked after. We are very busy and work long days it is so good to not have to email and call or chase anything up all you have to do is log in and you know exactly what is happening with the build or the paperwork. It is constantly updated and up to date with what’s happened on the build and photos of the build. Sam has family interstate and it is so awesome to give them the login details and they can check out how it’s all going as well. My build diary is definitely one of my favorite parts about Ausmar!

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they’re also happy to answer any questions about their journey so far!

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