Custom Build

For most people the words ‘custom-build’ equate to being ‘expensive’ and’ unattainable’, but with Ausmar Custom Build we pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide your dream home for an affordable price without compromising on quality.

At Ausmar Custom Build, we understand that while our plans may suit some people they may not be the exact fit you are after. Ausmar provides a CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICE for clients looking at something a little different. It is easy to still use our existing plans as a starting point and then make an appointment with one of our full-time in-house drafts people or designers.

We often use the motto that we are real builders who can build anything. This is why we are able to build custom homes no matter what the budget. We have built small country cottages, award winning sustainable homes, retirement villages and multi-level units and apartments. We are experts and can use our terrific buying power to pass on real savings to our customers.

Ausmar Custom Build, making your dreams a liveable reality. Why compromise, when only the best will do.

Custom Build Service Results

Below are some renders of our award winning Custom Build service results

Custom Build Design Service

You want something different, something that fits your lifestyle and reflects who you are. You’ve looked at display homes and there’s nothing out there that works for you. Why Compromise. You know what you want, you just need to talk to someone to put the ideas together and to build your dream home. You need to talk to us, Ausmar Custom Build, the Sunshine Coast Custom Building Design Service. Ausmar Custom Build is a division of the Ausmar Group, award winning and renowned for excellence in the building industry.

Ausmar Custom Homes evolved to meet the ever growing demand of individual home design and tailored personal service.

We’re not a “Pick a Plan” service, we listen to your story and, together, design a new home solution that will be as individual as you are. There are so many things to consider when designing and building a new home, from your block size, amount of slope on your block, how the house will be positioned, the building material, the quality of finishes, the list goes on. We work with you offering solutions and suggestions at every step of the process, making it an enjoyable and creative experience. You don’t want to compromise and why should you. Talk to us today and find out how your ideas can be the start of your new home.

Sloping Block Specialist

You’ve purchased a block of land, you love it! The location is perfect, great neighbourhood, you can imagine yourself living there, but you’ve just discovered that due to the land having a steep slope, off the plan designs just won’t work. Solution, no don’t sell your block!, talk to us at Ausmar Custom Build. Having built new homes all over the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane areas we know everything there is to know about making the most of a sloping block build.

Tailoring your design to work with your environment ensures you end up with a home that’s easy to live in and compliments its surroundings. So, whether you need to go up on poles, cut and retain or split level, there are many options that can make your home unique and perfectly united with your sloping block. Contact us today to see what options are suitable to you.

Some Inspirations from our Custom Build service