Now the kitchen is official in, the tiling is complete and we’re literally counting down the days until Sam & Giv do their Practical Completion Inspection we thought we’d check in with Giverny and ask about her vision vs reality!

Once the kitchen was installed & the tiles were in – how did it feel to see all your selections?

It felt so surreal! It is always nerve-racking to pick everything from samples and hope it all comes together. Once we saw it installed and the whole design we were SO happy with our choices, we wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

We know you chose your colours at Atelier, Ausmar’s design studio – but now everything is in, is it exactly what you visualised?

Atelier made everything so much easier, to put all our choices, colours textures together and look at it as a whole rather than going place to place was amazing. It gave us such a good visual of what the house was going to look like, and now it’s all in it’s better than what we visualised! It looks like a designer home and it’s only our first house! We can’t wait to style it!

Did you find the Atelier Design Experts guided you through this stage?

Our design expert Bec was amazing, she has such a good eye for design and knew the look we were going for just from having a chat with us and looking at photos we had saved. We trusted her 100% and if Sam and I had trouble coming to a decision, Bec gave us some really great advice to help us out. She let us make it ours but at the same time helped us bring our vision to life!

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