Why AUSMAR doesn’t offer standard price lists

 Every home we build is personalised to meet the specific needs and preferences of our clients, with many factors influencing the overall cost.

5 min read | April 8th, 2024 – 7.00am

At AUSMAR, we believe in building more than just houses – we build trust with our clients. When it comes to your dream home, transparency is paramount. That’s why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all price list for our homes.

Why? It all boils down to personalisation.

Over 30 years, we’ve learned that every home, block of land, family circumstance and individual is widely unique. A standard price list simply wouldn’t reflect the many factors that can influence the final cost of a future home build:

Building influences and why a standard price list doesn’t work for us;

  • Individual customisations: You deserve a home that reflects your style and needs. Our process encourages small modifications to our standard plans – whether it’s upgraded inclusions, spacious rooms to suit your footprint, or adjustments to match your budget. At the end of the day, your choices will impact the overall cost and a standard price list wouldn’t reflect these individual variations.
  • Market fluctuations: The construction industry isn’t immune to change. Material and labour costs can fluctuate, and we want to ensure the price you receive is accurate and up-to-date to reflect your customised proposal.
  • Site specifics: Your dream location might have unique requirements, like specific soil conditions or local regulations. These factors play a role in the overall building cost, where our team uses our local and industry knowledge to forecast the cost of your build. From new council requirements, updated construction codes, or covenant applications, we have an experienced team who think more than just a few steps ahead. All of which is what is used to reflect a customised and accurate proposal.

Take Vinit’s experience for example:

“I don’t know where to start but all I can say is working with AUSMAR has been a great pleasure right from the start to finish of the project. They have been very helpful and transparent with the whole journey of building my first ever home at each and every step of the way. The staff at AUSMAR are absolutely amazing, helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. There were no hiccups in my journey at all and would highly recommend it if you wish to start your building journey and look no further. Last but not the least, I am very happy with my new home and appreciate the efforts of each and every individual who helped me achieve this dream into reality very smoothly and pleasantly.”

– Vinit Shah, First home buyer 2024

It’s about full transparency, not mystery:

We completely understand the desire for a general price range. However, we believe personalised quotes are a far more responsible, transparent and informative approach to building a home. It’s what has worked for our team for over 30 years and what we will continue to do to ensure no hidden surprises.

A personalised quote allows us to:

  • Tailor the price to your needs: We’ll take your desired floor plan and individual customisations into account, giving you a clear picture of the investment.
  • Empowering your budget: We’ve evolved our quoting and pricing systems to a point where we can guide you through consultation with accurate and upfront pricing, empowering you to make informed decisions that will influence the overall cost.
  • Educate you on the building process: Not only do we educate you through the building process, but we encourage you to ask questions! We form strong relationships with our clients so you feel confident and informed to make the tough decisions. Regardless if you’re a first home buyer, first time builder or experienced investor.

Take Jordyn’s experience for example:

“When I first had my frame inspection with Ben, the best thing he said to me was “If you have any questions, even little or silly ones, just ask, there are no stupid questions around here.” This made me feel very welcomed, and has been less daunting throughout the process of my build. I have learnt so much, it has been a roller coaster of emotions with the normal expected delays, labor and material shortages; although I have also asked a million questions, and every time Ben has been very patient with me and has always been very reassuring if I was worried about something…Therefore, I wanted to say thank you so much for having an amazing all round brilliant team/ family and setting a high standard for my first home build.”

– Jordyn Guest, First home buyer 2024

Ready to build your dream? Let’s talk! We’d be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide a personalised proposal for your chosen plan. Together, let’s build a home that reflects not just your dreams, but your budget too.



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