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The making of AUSMAR’s Seaforth display home from concept to completion

We’re excited to share the behind the scenes journey and dedication that went into bringing our new Seaforth display home to life.

3 min read | January 3, 2024 – 7.00am

Welcome to the behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the Seaforth Display Home. At AUSMAR, we take pride in delivering quality homes that stand out, and the Seaforth is no exception. We’re excited to share the behind the scenes journey and dedication that went into bringing this unique display home to life.

Seaforth floor plan used on site during the slab pour

Design inspiration

Every great home starts with an inspiring concept. Our latest Seaforth draws its inspiration from Scandi Retro design, combining clean lines and minimalism with a touch of nostalgia. Muted pastels and intricate panelling details bring a sense of timelessness and elegance to this modern masterpiece.

Home at slab pour

From design to reality

Our journey begins with a vision and a concept. The Seaforth Display Home was meticulously brought to life through a series of carefully orchestrated steps. Here’s a glimpse into the process:

Home at Frame Stage

Where our inspiration began

With the plans in hand, our talented interior designer infused the space with Scandi Retro charm. They selected colours, materials, and furnishings that perfectly captured the vision.

Inspo source: Sorrento Beach House by Pandolfini Architects

Inspiration for the Display Home

Construction and supervision with construction imagery

Under the watchful eyes of our Construction Manager Liam and Supervisor Daniel, the building process began. Their dedication to tight schedules and keeping trades accountable was crucial in ensuring the project stayed on track.

Tile installation

The dream team behind the Seaforth display home with team imagery

Creating a display home of this calibre requires a team of experts who understand the needs of buyers and home trends. 

Atelier Design Experts | Rebecca & Sandi

Our Colour Consultants bring all of our homes to life. With a keen eye for design trends and an understanding of how colour influences a living space, they curated a palette that breathes life into every room. Muted pastels and carefully selected hues were chosen to create an atmosphere of timeless elegance, making the Seaforth a work of art as much as a home.

Construction Supervisor | Daniel

The backbone of the project, our Construction Supervisor Daniel orchestrated the execution of the Seaforth’s construction. From coordinating trades to keeping a watchful eye on timelines, they ensured that every detail was translated into reality. Daniel’s commitment to quality is evident in every corner of the Seaforth. 

Draftsperson | Jemma

The unsung hero behind the scenes, our Draftsperson transformed inspiration into the design that laid the foundation for the Seaforth. Their meticulous work ensured that the Scandi Retro vision was not just a concept but a tangible plan, guiding every step of the construction process. Precision and attention to detail are the hallmarks of their contribution to the Seaforth’s creation.

Sales Manager | Andrew

Understanding the needs and desires of our buyers, our Sales Manager played a pivotal role in shaping the Seaforth to meet and exceed expectations. With a finger on the pulse of the market, they ensured that the Seaforth not only reflects current trends but anticipates the desires of those seeking their dream home. Their insights and dedication to customer satisfaction make the Seaforth a home that truly resonates with its future owners.

Together, our dream team transformed a vision into the Seaforth Display Home — a testament to the seamless collaboration and expertise that defines AUSMAR’s commitment to quality.

Display Internal Fit Out

Challenges faced and triumphs achieved with imagery

No home build is without its challenges, but we believe that challenges are opportunities in disguise. During the construction of the Seaforth, we encountered a few hiccups, such as unexpected weather delays and supply chain disruptions. However, our dedicated teams flexibility and problem-solving skills ensured that these challenges were overcome, and the project was delivered on time.

Display Under Construction

We invite you to explore the Seaforth Display Home and witness the quality, attention to detail, and passion that went into its creation.



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