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The House That Changed Lives Forever

Discover the heart warming journey of AUSMAR’s transformative House The Coast Built project!

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In 2015, as proud founding partners of Wishlist, AUSMAR embarked on a journey that went beyond constructing houses – it was about building dreams and transforming the lives of children and families across the Sunshine Coast. With humility and a deep sense of responsibility, we took the lead in constructing the second charity house, a project that would raise crucial funds – $300,000 – to support vital healthcare services and programs for those in need.

A Home With a Heart: The Flame Tree Pocket Residence

The Flame Tree Pocket residence stood not just as a house but as a beacon of compassion and community spirit. The House The Coast Built, a collaborative effort led by AUSMAR and other local businesses, transcended being merely a property; it was a testament to the transformative power of unity and generosity.

Touching Lives: Lyla’s Story

Wishlist’s noble cause touched the lives of incredible children like Lyla, whose infectious smile represented strength and resilience in the face of adversity. Born with a rare genetic disorder, Peroxisomal Disorder, Lyla’s journey became a little less daunting thanks to the unwavering support of Wishlist.

The proceeds from The House The Coast Built played a crucial role in helping children like Lyla access the care, support, and resources they needed to face their challenges head-on. This home, this project, became a lifeline of hope for families navigating the complexities of terminal medical conditions.

Rebecca and Kieran Van Jole with their daughter Lyla, at The House the Coast Built. Picture: Che Chapman

Beyond Walls, Building Communities

The impact of The House The Coast Built extended far beyond its physical structure. Local businesses rallied together, eager to contribute to something greater than themselves. This sense of community, of giving back, showcased the genuine care and kindness that define the Sunshine Coast spirit.

Wishlist CEO Lisa Rowe captured the essence of the project when she highlighted the heart of the home – the kitchen – being filled with love and goodwill by the very families the project aimed to support. The spirit of unity and purpose behind The House The Coast Built radiates a warmth that transcends walls, creating a legacy of compassion that continues to inspire.

A Home That Speaks of Hope

The House The Coast Built was not an ordinary home; it was a haven for dreams. Boasting four bedrooms, top-notch fittings, and an inviting L-shaped saltwater “Magna” pool, it offered all the elements of a homeowner’s dream. However, what truly set this home apart was the love and purpose woven into its very foundation.

The fortunate individual who secured the winning bid during the Valentine’s Day auction became more than a homeowner; they became a philanthropist changing lives for the better. Every single penny raised from the sale of the house and its contents was directed to Sunshine Coast’s own Wishlist charity.

Empowering Sunshine Coast’s Future

Making a lasting impact was AUSMAR’s vision for The House The Coast Built. This ambitious project symbolized a collective effort by over 60 local businesses and contractors, all working together to transform a mere patch of land into a house of dreams. With dedication, precision, and unwavering passion, these professionals turned a vision into reality.

The House The Coast Built was not just a physical structure; it was a life-changing force for the Sunshine Coast community. The funds raised from its sale were channelled into Wishlist’s initiatives, supporting children’s music therapy, Clown Doctor visits, and respite camps for kids dealing with mental illness in the family. AUSMAR’s role as the driving force behind this transformative endeavour showcased our commitment to the community’s welfare and growth.

A Lasting Legacy

As time moves forward, the legacy of The House The Coast Built continues to shine as a testament to the incredible impact that collaboration and compassion can achieve. This project, undertaken in 2015, serves as a reminder that even a single home, built with purpose and heart, can change lives and uplift an entire community.

At AUSMAR, we look back with gratitude and pride, humbled by the opportunity to be a part of this impactful journey. The House The Coast Built was not just a project; it was a symbol of hope, unity, and the enduring power of community spirit.


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