Picture this: from the palm of your hand, you can control everything that makes your home comfortable and secure. Turn the lights on or off. Adjust the temperature. Control your lights. Lock the garage.

With smart home technology, anyone can control all the elements of day-to-day family life in just a few taps, easily and affordably.

There’s never been a better time to invest in smart home technology.

Here’s what you need to know about taking your home to the next level.

The perfect time to future-proof your home.

Whether you’d like to power up the air-con when leaving work so it’s cool when you get home or switch the lights on and off when you’re away on holidays to make your home look occupied, with MyPlace, you can.

This clever technology transforms your house into a connected smart home. It works with existing items in your home – such as lights, garage door, fans, blinds, heating, cooling – and allows you to control them all through one simple integrated system which is hardwired to the wall.

For added convenience, you can also download the MyPlace app to control your products from the couch, work or even the other side of the world. It works with most smartphones and tablets, turning them into smart remote controls.

To make life even easier, you’ll also be able to use MyPlace’s scheduling functionality. It allows you to automatically switch items on and off at the same time every day – you could arrange to have the cooling switch on each morning at 9am, or lower and raise your blinds every day when you’re away from home for security reasons.

There’s no additional wiring required, which makes it both quick and affordable to get up and running.

Investing in tomorrow.

Soon, smart home technology will be a must in every home. By choosing to upgrade your home now, you’ll not only get to enjoy the comfort and control of living in a connected home but will also be increasing the value of your house should you decide to sell down the line.

Plus, because MyPlace’s modular form, you’ll be able to easily add more items to your connected home now or in the future.

All the reasons you’ll fall in love with MyPlace.

  • Control the temperature: turn your heating or cooling on, off, up or down remotely via the app
  • Stay secure: control your blinds up and down and switch lights on and off when you’re away from home for peace of mind
  • Ditch the remote: easily open or close your garage door, Get a useful notification to your smart phone if you’ve left the garage door open and close it from anywhere
  • Use the preset buttons MyWelcome and MyGoodbye To have your favourite settings come on when you arrive or leave home
  • Use the MySunset button to automatically switch the lights on when the sun goes down
  • Add apps like Spotify and Sonos onto your MyPlace control screen
  • The control panel doubles as a tablet, so you can use it to Google a recipe or message a loved one
  • The MyPlace tablet is hardwired to your wall, so it never needs recharging and never goes missing

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