Investment Packages

Build your nest egg – A new home designed to suit your investment strategy.

'Expand your investment portfolio'

An Ausmar investment property is well within your reach.

Since 1993 our team have helped over 1,500 customers build their dream homes. During this time we have built a reputation as an award-winning builder delivering consistently high quality homes at great value for money.

If you are in the market for a rental property then our investment packages may be exactly what you are looking for.

Real estate can be a great way of building an investment portfolio with the intention of long-term wealth creation. Whether through personal investment or via your SMSF, ‘bricks and mortar’ has long been the favourite investment vehicle for most Australians.

South-East Queensland continues to show positive signs of growth. With a large number of people migrating or relocating to Queensland we are seeing an increasing demand on our rental properties.

Rental prices are being forced up and good quality investment properties are in high demand. Most investors are getting great tenants, with high occupancy rates and strong rental returns.

We look forward to showing you how easy it is to tap in to this investment market and to build your own nest egg.

– Tim Hendy and Tony Bryan

Five easy steps to building your investment

Building an investment property can be quite daunting for some, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you by surrounding you with the right people and taking all the hard work out of it.

  1. Select: In meeting with your Ausmar Homes Sales Consultant ascertain which investment house best suits your needs. This may include land that we hold or your own land.
  2. Finance: Meet with our investment finance strategist to discuss your finance options and obtain a pre-approval on your loan.
  3. Sign: Your Ausmar Homes Sales Consultant will have your land and construction contracts drawn up for you to peruse and sign.
  4. Include: Make a selection on your internal and external colour schemes from our three standard ranges.
  5. Leave the rest to us: From here, the rest is left to us. Your Construction Supervisor will oversee every aspect of your home from slab down through to its final sparkling clean. You simply get to sit back and enjoy the process. You can track the progression of your home with our weekly updates or even arrange for a site visit at your leisure.

Why build rather than buy?

  • Stamp Duty
    When purchasing vacant land and building an investment property you are only required to pay stamp duty on the land component of the property. On an average investment of $400,000 this could be a saving of over $7,500.
  • Builders Guarantee
    Constructing your investment property with Ausmar Homes gives you a 7 year structural guarantee and a 25 year guarantee against termites. This means that should you have a structural issue over that period you can simply call Ausmar and we will rectify the problem with no out of pocket expense to you.
  • After Sales Care
    We have a dedicated team of experts that are employed to handle maintenance and after sales care and service. We also carry out a 6 month maintenance warranty inspection on your home ensuring that everything is in good working order.
  • New vs Old
    A brand new property will have less maintenance issues and will command a higher rental yield and attract a better quality of tenant when compared with an older pre-existing house. Plus you know exactly what you are getting and you deal directly with the company that is helping you build your investment portfolio.
  • Taxation Benefits
    Claiming tax depreciation deductions on investment properties is an important part of a property investment strategy. All of our investment homes qualify for a capital allowance, equivalent to 2.5% p.a. of the construction cost of the house. This capital allowance is fully tax deductable each year that the home is used as a rental property. The depreciable contents of the home such as hot water service, air conditioner and dishwasher can also be depreciated over their useful life. We will provide you with a depreciation schedule showing the amounts you can claim – please ask for a sample.Additional costs which are tax deductable include interest on borrowings, rates, insurance and much more. One of the advantages in owning an investment property is the treatment of the capital gain on the eventual sale. Capital gains (or your profit) are effectively taxed at half the rate than interest bearing deposits under current Australian Tax Law.Please keep in mind that it is always advisable for you to obtain your own taxation advice. This will ensure accuracy of information particular to your individual circumstances.

Investment designs

When conducting our market research, we asked the experts what a tenant is looking for in a rental property. The answers were almost always the same;

  • Remote controlled lock-up garage with direct access to the home
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fans in all of the bedrooms
  • Dishwasher
  • Outdoor entertaining area
  • Low maintenance (particularly the garden)

Our investment range of properties includes all of the above items as well as incorporating smart design principles and functionality that means these houses will handle the ‘rough and tumble’ of life on the rental market.

We have designed our investment range of plans to suit all types of aspect, to fit any block size and to fit within the covenants of most estates. By limiting the number of homes that we have to offer as part of our exclusive investment package, we were able to source fantastic discounts from our suppliers which are passed on to our customers.

To make the process even easier for you we have a selection of colour boards for you to choose your interior and exterior colours, everything from floor coverings, window furnishings and cabinetry.

Limited packages

We have limited the number of investment packages available to our clients each month.

This is to ensure we are not placing a large number of rental properties within a close proximity, resulting in numerous properties being available for rent at the same time competing against each other.

We also want to ensure we are sourcing competitively priced land in estates suited to investors.

Investment inclusions
  • Massive stamp duty savings
  • Depreciation schedule
  • Tax deductions
  • 6.5% return during construction
  • 2 year rental management guarantee

Quick questions

Stamp duty is calculated and paid to the State Government based on the improved value of the land you are buying. If the land already has a house built on it then the improved value of the land includes the value of the house – therefore you pay stamp duty on the total (house and land). If you build a new house on a vacant block then you only pay stamp duty on the value of the land before construction commences – this will save you around $7,500 on a typical investment property.

The Australian Taxation office allows you to claim depreciation on many items within the house (e.g. oven, floor coverings, dishwasher etc) as well as the actual building itself (called a capital allowance). Ausmar will give you a tax invoice and a depreciation schedule of all of the items in your house – this will make claiming the tax deductions really easy for you or your accountant. The best bit about depreciation is that it costs you nothing during your ownership and gets you real dollars back on your tax each year.

Negative gearing refers to the fact that a rental property has expenses which exceed the property’s rental income each year. This effectively creates a tax loss which can be claimed in your tax return, offsetting other income with the intention of getting you a nice big tax refund. Some expenses will be paid for out of your rental properties cash flow and some will be expenses allowed by the Taxation Office (e.g. depreciation).

A capital gain is the profit you make on your rental property when you eventually sell it. Current Australian Taxation law divides your capital gain in half before you pay tax on it meaning in most cases you only pay tax at half the rate compared to other personal income (including income from money invested with your bank). The other great thing about capital gains is that any tax payable is paid after sale (meaning your property can grow in value and you won’t pay tax on the profit until after you sell it – if you never sell it you never pay tax – simple as that).

Return during construction

We know that as an investor you will want to receive an immediate return on your investment from day one. Generally, this is achieved by buying an existing home and having a tenant occupy the property after settlement.

Ausmar Homes will pay you a 6.5% p.a. return on the drawn down portion of your building contract while we build your investment property.

This will assist you with your cashflow during construction and will also give you an extra level of comfort knowing Ausmar has an incentive to build the home as quickly as possible.

2 year rental guarantee

2 year rental guaranteeWe provide a rental guarantee that gives you peace of mind that you will receive a rental cheque every month for two years after we complete your house. Over this period we will pay a professional property manager in the area to manage your property.

After the two years it is your decision if you enter into a further agreement with the property manager or elect to sell or manage the property yourself.

Interested in creating a SMSF to invest in real estate?

The current buzz word for investors in ‘SMSF’ (or self-managed superannuation fund). Creating your own SMSF is easy and allows you to control where your superannuation gets invested. We have established a fixed price cost for our customers with a reputable Accountancy firm that fixes the cost of establishing your very own SMSF at $550(1).

They can handle every aspect of your SMSF from creating the fund to the management of the fund. If you would like to invest in property using a SMSF talk to us today and we will refer you for a free no obligation meeting.

(1) Investors creating a SMSF and wanting to borrow to fund the property will require a corporate entity – this will incur an additional fee of $1,000
(2) All the costs of setting up and maintaining your SMSF can be paid out of your SMSF after it is set up (meaning no out of pocket costs)