We’re so excited to share we have officially signed NRL Legend Darren Lockyer as our partner and brand ambassador. To celebrate this partnership we will be launching a range of six bespoke Lockyer Collection homes in the coming weeks.

Director, Tim Hendy said the new partnership was 6 months in the making to ensure the fit for both Darren & Ausmar was just right. “Darren Lockyer embodies professionalism, trustworthiness and the true Queenslander spirit, and this will resonate well with our clients.” Mr Hendy continued.

“We wanted to ensure our brands and long term goals fit well with each other, and through several meetings with Darren and his team we really feel we’ve made the right choice and one we can be proud of in years to come.”

“Architecture and real estate have always interested me. I appreciate well designed buildings and homes,” Mr Lockyer said.

I am delighted to have partnered with Ausmar Homes. In collaborating with their team, my designs will reflect the beautiful landscapes that Queensland offers. This will be complemented by a mix of contemporary design features, while capturing the essence of Queensland’s natural environment.

Why Ausmar Homes?

One of the key reasons why I have partnered with the team at Ausmar Homes is because of their commitment. The team at Ausmar Homes are committed to engaging positively with the Queensland community and building life-long homes which reflect both the heritage and future of Queensland. I value the transparency that the business has had in providing me with insights about how they design, market, build and create sustainable homes.

Personally, I felt that it was important to partner with a reputable and recognised builder who has a firm standing in the community and industry. I am honoured to be able to help forge the new chapters of Ausmar Homes’ brand within the Queensland marketplace.

How do your brands align?

Ausmar Homes has values that I hold to account also. These include honesty, dedication and professionalism. Prior to coming on board with the Ausmar Homes team, every phone call, email and meeting that I had with the team was always professional. This gave me confidence that they were and are, the right business for me. I appreciate and respect people and businesses who conduct themselves with a strong work ethic, customer service mindset and exemplary attention to detail. Ausmar Homes ticks all of these boxes.

I have used the word commitment previously to Ausmar Homes. This commitment is on display across the entire business. Ausmar Homes should be proud of how their team, across all departments and management, typify a strong culture. From both my time on and off the field, a strong culture is a key determining factor in not only success, but how you were perceived by the general public. From my dealings with Ausmar Homes, I cannot speak highly enough of the internal culture.

Lastly, I strive to be meticulous in my preparation. This applied to both sporting and non-sporting endeavours. It has been refreshing to engage with Ausmar Homes and have a positive impact on elements within the business. My preparation and Ausmar Homes’ desire to prepare and engage me within the business, across design elements has and hopefully will continue to be thoroughly beneficial to all involved.

What attracted to you to the building industry?

When I finished year 10 I did a 12 month TAFE course for carpentry which constituted my first year of the apprenticeship. I then worked with a local builder in Roma for my second year.

I then moved to Brisbane to play at the Broncos and didn’t get a chance to finish my apprenticeship. The lure of playing footy was something that I could not resist. I love the game. That said, my time in my apprenticeship was thoroughly enjoyable. Hand on heart, I can say that if footy didn’t work out, then I would have finished my apprenticeship and strongly considered going into the industry. I liked having a concept in mind, working with raw materials and being proud of the finished product.

I will always enjoy the journey from start to finish when it comes to building. Upfront with the strategy and thinking involved with design and then seeing the end product in its built form. The analogy I like to use with footy is its very rewarding when you go out and execute a good game plan with a successful outcome.

I have also seen quite a few developments with the building industry over the past 10 years. These have ranged from the finishes used in residential builds to legislative changes across residential and commercial. I always try and keep across how the building landscape adapts to changing consumer ideas, design influences and a changing need for housing and commercial spaces.

Mr Hendy said he was delighted Darren made the decision to partner with Ausmar Group. “Darren is one of Australia’s best-known and most respected athletes and his support and passion for our business and the building industry is phenomenal.”

“My designs will incorporate light open spaces, with seamless living from inside to outside and also, create a sense of warmth that the whole family will love. The Lockyer Collection will be a home where great memories will be made.”

Darren Lockyer will be attending our display home opening on Saturday 22nd July from 5pm until 7pm, located at Stockland, Aura City of Colour.