Classic Inspired Material Board

How to do classic style interior design

Whether you’re creating your first home or forever home a classic interior will confidently stand the test of time. Keeping true to what I know lights me up, my take on a classic look leans to a broody and masculine feel but feel free to spin it however your heart desires.

Credit: Steve Cordony

Conceiving the colour palette

Nothing feels more classic to me than a simple and strong, black and white colour palette. Because I love a space with mood and meaning, my darks are inclined to outweigh my whites but your approach can be anything you want it to be. I was drawn to the warm, brown undertones of this particular paint colour. It’s a softer take on a standard black paint and in general and it’s indicative of a movement happening in the interior where you can expect to see warmer undertones in colours across the board.

Interior Design and Photography: Studio McGee

Selecting your hard finishes and fixtures

Marble or marble-look is a staple in a classic scheme whether used as a floor tile, bathroom wall tile or as a splashback, it always says elegance. It’s hard to go past the organic vein of natural marble but if the budget doesn’t allow it, marble-look finishes can achieve a similar effect. In this case, I’ve opted for the Cava Borghini Satin tile (a marble-look) for its honey-hued veins which I’d lay on a bathroom floor but I’ve also added some real marble by the inclusion of the fluted marble mosaic which would make a luxurious shower tile. If you’re choosing a big slab of marble for something like an island bench, I suggest visiting your stone supplier and personally selecting your slab. Natural stone can vary wildly from slab to slab, which is in fact, the beauty of it. 

Credit: Steve Cordony

The Heritage wall panelling is synonymous with a classic scheme, but I think it can be used in so many styles of a home if you’re looking for a way to add character. The dark timber-look vinyl flooring I selected here I love for its richness and warmth and of course, with a bigger budget you would opt for an engineered timber. Vinyl serves the purpose of being cost-effective and being relatively indestructible but it’s hard to go past timber.

The polished chrome T handle pops off this board, elevating the look to more luxurious than casual. Polished chrome is the ultimate in simple elegance and works beautifully with matte black hardware if you’re inclined to mix your metals.

Credit: Steve Cordony

Soft furnishings 

Your soft furnishings selections process is crunch time. It’s your opportunity to really double down on your scheme. I will never not love a stripe. To me, it’s hands down the most versatile pattern which can swing between classic and contemporary depending on the type of stripe and the greater context. I especially love to see an elegant ticking stripe (fine stripe) in partnership with a larger scale pattern in similar colourways. It’s an opportunity to create subtle contrast without adding colour. It’s timeless and effortlessly chic.

Let’s Get Started

Creating a mood board for the design of your future home will not only assist with communicating your vision to your colour-selection specialist but will also give you confidence in the outcome of your home design. A reference you can always go back to in future, keep your Classic inspired mood board close when during your home selections process.

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