Has your family outgrown your current home or its outdated design needs more than just a lick of paint? Rather than renovating or moving your entire life to a new suburb, an Ausmar knockdown rebuild may be the best solution for you. Our team will work with you to remove your old home and replace it with a new, modern design that perfectly suits your budget, lifestyle and land.

Keep reading to discover five smart reasons to consider a knockdown rebuild with Ausmar Homes.

1.It is often cheaper than a renovation

Removing your existing home and starting from scratch can be a cost-effective solution as it is generally cheaper per square metre to build a new home than it is to extensively renovate an old one. And with an up-front, fixed price building contract, you’ll avoid any of the costly “hidden” surprises often associated with renovations.

2. An Ausmar home can take just eight weeks to build

Extensive renovations are not only costly; they also take a long time to complete. With Ausmar’s three decades of experience, we have refined our construction schedule to be as condensed as just eight weeks for some designs. Even if you choose a larger home or custom design, our team of experts will provide you with a transparent building program so you know exactly when you’ll be moving into your new home.

3. Your new home will be exactly what you want

With a knockdown rebuild, there is no need to compromise on room sizes, design and finishes. A renovation may mean working around existing structures and layouts, while building from scratch gives you the freedom to design your home exactly the way you want it. Whatever your requirements and wishes, our team will work with you to design and build your perfect home.

4. You can stay in, or move to, the area you love most

Whether you’re replacing the home you currently live in, or have found the perfect old block in a suburb you admire, a knockdown rebuild allows you to live exactly where you want. In an increasingly tough property market, this approach can help to eliminate competition so you can move into your new home sooner.

5. It’s easier to make your new home more sustainable

Not only is an energy efficient home more environmentally friendly, it can save you more money in the long-run. It is much easier to make your home more sustainable when building from scratch as you can take advantage of your site’s orientation, choose sustainable materials and use energy efficient technology. All Ausmar homes meet the Queensland Government’s six-star energy rating requirements and we are always happy to work with clients to make their home even more sustainable if desired.

To find out whether your home is suitable for a knockdown rebuild, speak to one of Ausmar Homes’ experienced New Home Consultants at one of our display locations. Alternatively, you can contact the Ausmar Head Office on 07 5319 1500 or send us an enquiry here.