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We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Conor Kennedy into our business for a week of work experience. Conor is currently completing Year 10 at Maleny State High School and has an interest in the building industry, in particular drafting.

Conor spent his time getting to know how each area operates within our business, from the drafting team through to spending the day with our site supervisors. We love our industry and how it continues to evolve so it was refreshing to meet someone who was keen to learn about all things building & Ausmar!

We sat down & asked Conor a few questions about his experience:

  1. What made you choose this industry for your work experience?  I chose this industry because it is the path that I want to take in my life.  Ausmar was the best business to experience all parts of the construction industry.
  2. What was your favourite part of the week? My favourite part of the week was being able to work on some house designs in drafting, and going out on job sites with the supervisors.
  3. Has the work experience influenced your career path? Yes, working with Ausmar for the week has opened my eyes about what goes into building a house and how many people and different departments it takes.
  4. What was the most challenging thing about the week?  The most challenging part to me was having to leave and go back to school!
  5. If you could have your time over again what would you have done differently? Nothing, I think Ausmar showed me fully how it’s done and showed me all the career paths & options possible.  I tried my hardest in all areas.
  6. Do you have any advice for other students looking to do work experience? Yes I do, be cooperative with the workers and ask questions to help educate yourself.

A big thanks to Conor for taking the time to get to know Ausmar and our people and also Tania from Maleny State High who organises the work experience for students.

We’re keen to see more students learn about our industry so this is definitely something we’ll be doing on a more regular basis.

A thank you gift from Conor – who doesn’t love cookies?

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