What it feels like

Owning your own home is an accomplishment, a milestone and a big responsibility but just imagine how amazing it would feel – to build something that is a reflection of you, and an expression of who you are. That’s what we love doing here at Ausmar Homes.

Why it seems impossible

Owning a home at any stage of life is one of the most challenging undertakings an individual or couple may come across. The difficulties around getting into the property market for first home buyers seem endless. Statistics are broadcasted through media sources almost daily around first home buyers being priced out of the market.

Rising costs of living, already absorbent house prices and tighter home loan lending criteria are just a few reasons why some young Australians are starting to think home ownership is out of reach. But the joy and pride you feel in owning your own home far outweigh the barriers to achieving the dream.

But rest assured it’s definitely not the doom and gloom that the media portrays. There are options, sensible options that give you the confidence that the future is bright, almost as bright as a newly built home. Building a home provides many benefits and the process is actually a lot easier than you may think – especially with the right team.

Why you shouldn’t give up on your pursuit to home ownership

Although it may seem difficult at first there are great options that award you the opportunity to not only own your home but have a lifestyle to go with it.

Life shouldn’t always be about a compromise (and doesn’t have to with the Ausmar Homes First Home Buyer’s offer). Yes, it’s certainly important that we live within our means, but taking advantage of available and practical home ownership options forgo the need to compromise. Ausmar Homes are proud to be part of the journey many eventual first home owners will take to accomplish their dream. On top of this, Ausmar Homes is excited to offer First Home Buyers the opportunity to realise the Australian dream of home ownership.

Providing just a few areas of eligibility are met you’ll be able to not only own your own home but build it brand new to your taste and preferences – a home that is uniquely you!

Ausmar have a proud history, building amazing homes for honest, hard-working Queenslanders.

Why do so many choose to build new?

It’s simple, it just makes great sense. There are many benefits associated with building a new home and the process is actually a lot easier than you may think, particularly when you choose to build with an award-winning Master Builder like Ausmar Homes.

You get choice on design – a new home is yours, based on your own individuality. It’s like a blank canvas ready to be splashed with colour and built with a purpose, just for you and/or your family.
Building a new home entitles you to the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) – a state government incentive that makes it easier for Australian’s looking to enter the property market – a helping hand.
As of 2019, the current value of the FHOG in Queensland properties is $15,000 if you are buying or building a new home up to the value of $750,000. This grant is only available to first time home buyers purchasing a new property or for people who are building their own property (or contracting with a builder to do it on their behalf).

General FHOG eligibility criteria include;

The home you are buying or building must be new and valued less than $750,000 (including land).

A new home is a brand new dwelling that has not been previously occupied as a place of residence or sold as a place of residence.

You must be over 18 years old.
You must be an Australian citizen, have a permanent visa or be part of a joint first home owners grant application, along with an Australian citizen. In some circumstances, New Zealand nationals with a special category visa may also be eligible.
You must not have owned a home previously.
You have not received a first home owners grant previously.

You can read more on the First Home Owner’s Grant here

Choice on land – By building a new home, you will have a much broader choice of where to build. There are new home estates being developed with a ‘community’ in mind, giving you the opportunity to live in a functional thriving neighbourhood utilising intelligent practices of town planning.
Greater capital gain – In most instances, a brand-new home is typically worth more, after completion, than what it costs to build.
Further to the point of community a strong building industry provides stimulation for the economy, so we all win.

How Ausmar Homes can get you into your own home sooner!

The building process starts with having a sense of your budget and all other aspects follow suit. With budget (to acquire a home loan) being the biggest obstacle faced right at the start of the journey to homeownership, it’s no wonder why so many hopeful First Home Buyer’s view owning a home as ‘just a dream’.

The emphasis on the percentage deposit you’re able to outlay is so heavily broadcast that it seems an insurmountable challenge for potential First Home Buyer’s, but the truth is, you can get into your first home sooner and with a deposit as low as just 10k.

With Ausmar Homes, becoming a homeowner can be your reality. The team at Ausmar Homes want to show you how you can escape the rental rut and own your first home with as little as $10K deposit.

This is an exclusive first home buyer’s solution that gives you the opportunity to enter the market and build something of your very own. No gimmicks, we just have a way to help people, couples and families just like you to achieve owning a home sooner.

It is a sensible solution that allows the first home buyer to build a brand-new home with Ausmar Homes.

You don’t need to wait till you’ve saved a 10% or 20% deposit to own a beautiful Ausmar Home. You can now enjoy your very own home without the unnecessary mortgage stress. All you need is;

To have a solid rental history, even if it’s as short as three months,
To be able to qualify for the state governments first owners grant and
To have a clear credit history
We want you to love your home for a lifetime so it’s all about ensuring you’re in a qualified position to start a new home build.

Ausmar Home’s first home buyer’s solution (as with all our home builds) is backed by honesty, integrity and transparency throughout the entire build process. We want you to enjoy the journey without the stress and worry that may come with such a significant project.

Ausmar Homes is an award-winning builder who has built a strong reputation of being accessible and communicate throughout the build process.

Simply contact our First Home build specialists and we’ll be in touch and have you on your way to owning your first home sooner than you thought.


WOW! We’re handing over today and what a journey! We always love seeing our clients homes come to life but to be able to share Sam & Giv’s build journey as first home buyers has made it even more exciting for us.

As a building ‘relationship’ usually lasts about 6 months from start to finish, we wanted to find out from Sam his thoughts on their supervisor, and the rest of the Ausmar team.

What’s your supervisor’s name, and what’s he like?

Our site supervisor is Russell. From our first meeting with Russell we could just tell we were in good hands. He knows his stuff, and is constantly offering pointers to help us make decisions on finer details, and has ensured a high quality of workmanship across all the trades involved in the build. I don’t think we could’ve asked for a better supervisor!

How does it feel to meet the team working on your home, onsite & behind the scenes (office) ?

At times we have to step back and remember that although it feels like it, we are not the only ones building with Ausmar at the moment. The whole experience has been so personal and comforting. From Roger at the Sales office, Russell on site, to our amazing Client Liaison Officer Emma, who deals with all our paper work and updates our journey on the My Build Diary and Bec for her style advice at Atelier., The whole team at Ausmar have been so great to Giv and I, and we feel incredibly lucky and thankful for everything they have done for us along the way!

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they move in this week!

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Now the kitchen is officially in, the tiling is complete and we’re literally counting down the days until Sam & Giv do their Practical Completion Inspection we thought we’d check in with Giverny and ask about her vision vs reality!

Once the kitchen was installed & the tiles were in – how did it feel to see all your selections?

It felt so surreal! It is always nerve racking to pick everything from samples and hope it all comes together. Once we saw it installed and the whole design we were SO happy with our choices, we wouldn’t have done a single thing differently.

We know you chose your colours at Atelier, Ausmar’s design studio – but now everything is in, is it exactly what you visualised?

Atelier made everything so much easier, to put all our choices, colours textures together and look at it as a whole rather then going place to place was amazing. It gave us such a good visual on what the house was going to look like, and now it’s all in it’s better than what we visualised! It looks like a designer home and it’s only our first house! We can’t wait to style it!

Did you find the Atelier Design Experts guided you through this stage?

Our design expert Bec was amazing, she has such a good eye for design and knew the look we were going for just from having a chat with us and looking at photo’s we had saved. We trusted her 100% and if Sam and I had trouble coming to a decision, Bec gave us some really great advice to help us out. She let us make it ours but at the same time helped us bring our vision to life!

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they move in VERY soon!

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Painting is complete, the kitchen is in & tiling is about to start! It’s all systems go at Giv and Sam’s home now that we’re back from the Christmas break. Feedback from most clients up until now is always “wow! Everything is moving so quickly” and then our trades move inside and whilst there is still heaps happening – from the outside it looks like we’ve stopped works. This was another reason we introduced My Build Diary, to show clients the progress of the home as we understand the excitement you feel when you can see everything developing onsite.

This week we check in with Sam to ask a couple of questions about designing their first home;

Once the slab was poured and the frames were up – how did it feel to be able to walk through the house you helped design?

Walking around and through the frame for the first time was pretty surreal, and really the first time that it actually felt like a house. It was exciting to see the sizes of the rooms and piece it all together after only ever seeing it on paper.

We were both so happy with seeing the size of each space and room and knew that we had picked an awesome floor plan that will suit our lifestyle perfectly!

If you were to give any First Home Buyers a piece of advice when designing their first home, what would it be?

Not that we are experts, but if I were to offer any advice, I would say just make it practical. It doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles, it just needs to be a comfortable and enjoyable space.

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they’re also happy to answer any questions about their journey so far!

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All Ausmar clients are now issued with their own My Build Diary login, giving them access to all the key documents including contract, working drawings, claims, and of course progress photos! We understand how busy people are these days, so every time there is an important update you’ll receive an SMS from us notifying you to jump on and check it out. This week we asked Sam & Giv what they thought of their My Build Diary.

Now that your home is underway, what’s your feedback about your My Build Diary?

It’s one of the best things Ausmar has! Definitely a big reason we felt SO comfortable and confident deciding to build with Ausmar. Everything is so black and white and you feel constantly looked after. We are very busy and work long days it is so good to not have to email and call or chasing anything up all you have to do is log in and you know exactly what is happening with the build or the paperwork. It is constantly updated and up to date with that’s happened on the build and photos of the build. Sam has family interstate and it is so awesome to give them the login details and they can check out how it’s all going as well. My build diary is definitely one of my favorite parts about Ausmar!

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they’re also happy to answer any questions about their journey so far!

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Once the working drawings, specification and contract is finalised our clients meet with our Atelier Design Experts to choose the colours and finishes for their new home. Atelier has everything for our clients to choose from on display including our standard inclusions and upgrades, all under the one roof. During this appointment you’ll have exclusive use of Atelier so you can take your time, discuss your options and make sure you’re 100% happy with your selections! We even shout you lunch!

With every new home build there are certain stages some clients find the most exciting and some which are more challenging. This week we’re talking to Giverny & Sam about theirs.

What’s been the most exciting part about building so far?

We would definitely have to say Atelier! The design showroom. The day we went in and chose all our tiles, carpet, paint, fixtures etc. Bec, one of the designers who helped us out in the day was absolutely amazing! She knows her stuff! It was so exciting seeing our vision come together and we can’t wait to see it go into the house. Also, surprisingly once we saw the frame go up and could actually see the house layout and walk through I couldn’t stop jumping with excitement! It’s so surreal to think it’s OUR OWN HOME! 

What’s been the hardest part about building so far?

The hardest part about building so far is hoping that everything we chose at Atelier works and comes together and looks beautiful at the end. Your always waking up at 2am in the morning second guessing your decisions on the colour of your tile or did you choose the right wall paint. But at the end of the day we had to keep reminding ourselves that this is our first home, we don’t need a million dollar house and all the bells and whistles, we had a budget to stick to and the house we are getting for what our budget was is going to be definitely not your average home. We are so lucky to have not made many upgrades at all but still walk away with a stunning house that we can call ours! It is hard not to get carried away and over stretching yourself with cost’s and upgrades but in our case sticking in budget and getting what we wanted were basically the same thing!

Don’t forget to head over to Honeyeater.Place and follow Giv & Sam’s build journey, they’re also happy to answer any questions about their journey so far!

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Building a home is such an exciting time – whether it’s your first home or your forever home, but it can also be very overwhelming. Choosing a block of land, sorting finance, finding a builder you can trust, understanding what is included in your contract – the list goes on.

We decided to try and alleviate the questions and concerns most first timers have by following our First Home Builders Giverny & Samuel’s journey as they enter the property market and start building their very first home!

Since the beginning Giverny & Sam have been extremely passionate and excited about building their first home, Giverny has even created an Instagram account to document the whole build process and what’s inspiring them. You can follow their journey here: Honeyeater.Place

Contract signing day! Home owner vests for site visits
Throughout the build we’ll be asking them questions about the process, posting photos of their journey and if we’re lucky they may even let us celebrate the handover at their house (watch this space).

After their initial meeting with Roger at our Parklakes II display home, the couple felt extremely comfortable with him (he even helped them purchase their block of land) and decided to take the property leap! Roger then guided them through our 8-Step Building Process, explaining at each stage what happens and what they need to do to move forward. Lifestyle and budget plays such a big role in building a home so our New Home Consultants may ask questions outside of the standard “do you want 3 or 4 bedrooms” but this is to ensure they’re able to offer the best design for you, your family and your future.

This week we asked Giverny & Sam why they decided to build with Ausmar?

We initially heard the radio ad for Ausmar first home owners and decided to call up and have a chat and ask some questions. We got some great info and decided to get in touch with the bank to see what we might be able to borrow. Once we came up with a rough estimate we sat down with Roger who worked in one of your display homes and started on the planning. He was so easy to talk to and up front about everything, going over inclusions and pricing we soon realised maybe we can afford a beautiful house on our budget. We had previously spoken with other builders and none compared to how easy it was with Ausmar, we felt like everything felt right and could not believe the standard inclusions in the base houses. We couldn’t find that anywhere else! We had also heard some feedback from previous clients of Ausmar and it was all so positive. As soon as we saw the New Home Proposal and plans drawn up we knew then and there Ausmar were going to make us an amazing home!

Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to follow their journey at Honeyeater.Place

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We’re thrilled to announce our Homes4Life project has been awarded the State 2017 Master Builders Qld Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors.

Within the Queensland construction community, Master Builders Queensland are held in the highest regard and have grown to become one of the region’s most distinguished Housing & Construction Award’s program. Housing and Construction Awards recognise the achievements of those who lead the way in the design, construction, innovation and technology of housing and commercial projects.

The fully adaptable demonstration home was the first of many designs in the Homes4Life range and has won five awards since 2016 including two state level. It features 4 bedrooms, a separate carer’s area, electric opening doors, fully wheelchair accessible bathrooms and many more specifically tailored features.

HOMES4LIFE provides independent, purpose-built living for those with disabilities and the Sippy Downs home has seen three residents and a carer housed and living independently for approximately twelve months.

Planning for the next Homes4Life project is already underway and it is envisaged the project will start late 2018 and be due for completion by early 2019.

To find out more about Ausmar Assist and Homes4Life, please visit contact our office on 5319 1500.

Homes4Life Project Awards

2016 HIA Sunshine Coast / Wide Bay Housing Awards – Specialised Housing

2016 HIA Qld State – Specialised Housing

2017 Australasian Housing Institute – Highly Commended Leading Housing Development Project Award

2017 Master Builders Sunshine Coast Housing & Construction Award – Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors.

2017 Master Builders State Award – Lifestyle Housing for High Care Needs, Disabled and Seniors.


We’re so excited to share we have officially signed NRL Legend Darren Lockyer as our partner and brand ambassador. To celebrate this partnership we will be launching a range of six bespoke Lockyer Collection homes in the coming weeks.

Director, Tim Hendy said the new partnership was 6 months in the making to ensure the fit for both Darren & Ausmar was just right. “Darren Lockyer embodies professionalism, trustworthiness and the true Queenslander spirit, and this will resonate well with our clients.” Mr Hendy continued.

“We wanted to ensure our brands and long term goals fit well with each other, and through several meetings with Darren and his team we really feel we’ve made the right choice and one we can be proud of in years to come.”

“Architecture and real estate have always interested me. I appreciate well designed buildings and homes,” Mr Lockyer said.

I am delighted to have partnered with Ausmar Homes. In collaborating with their team, my designs will reflect the beautiful landscapes that Queensland offers. This will be complemented by a mix of contemporary design features, while capturing the essence of Queensland’s natural environment.

Why Ausmar Homes?

One of the key reasons why I have partnered with the team at Ausmar Homes is because of their commitment. The team at Ausmar Homes are committed to engaging positively with the Queensland community and building life-long homes which reflect both the heritage and future of Queensland. I value the transparency that the business has had in providing me with insights about how they design, market, build and create sustainable homes.

Personally, I felt that it was important to partner with a reputable and recognised builder who have a firm standing in the community and industry. I am honoured to be able to help forge the new chapters of Ausmar Homes’ brand within the Queensland marketplace.

How do your brands align?

Ausmar Homes has values which I hold to account also. These include honesty, dedication and professionalism. Prior to coming on board with the Ausmar Homes team, every phone call, email and meeting that I had with the team was always professional. This gave me confidence that they were and are, the right business for me. I appreciate and respect people and businesses who conduct themselves with a strong work ethic, customer service mindset and exemplary attention to detail. Ausmar Homes ticks all of these boxes.

I have used the word commitment previously to Ausmar Homes. This commitment is on display across the entire business. Ausmar Homes should be proud of how their team, across all departments and management typify a strong culture. From both my time on and off the field, a strong culture is a key determining factor in not only success, but how you were perceived by the general public. From my dealings with Ausmar Homes, I cannot speak highly enough of the internal culture.

Lastly, I strive to be meticulous in my preparation. This applied to both sporting and non-sporting endeavours. It has been refreshing to engage with Ausmar Homes and have a positive impact on elements within the business. My preparation and Ausmar Homes’ desire to prepare and engage me within the business, across design elements has and hopefully will continue to be thoroughly beneficial to all involved.

What attracted to you to the building industry?

When I finished year 10 I did a 12 month TAFE course for carpentry which constituted my first year of the apprenticeship. I then worked with a local builder in Roma for my second year.

I then moved to Brisbane to play at the Broncos and didn’t get a chance to finish my apprenticeship. The lure of playing footy was something that I could not resist. I love the game. That said, my time in my apprenticeship was thoroughly enjoyable. Hand on heart, I can say that if footy didn’t work out, then I would have finished my apprenticeship and strongly considered going into the industry. I liked having a concept in mind, working with raw materials and being proud of the finished product.

I will always enjoy the journey from start to finish when it comes to building. Upfront with the strategy and thinking involved with design and then seeing the end product in its built form. The analogy I like to use with footy is its very rewarding when you go out and execute a good game plan with a successful outcome.

I have also seen quite a few developments with the building industry over the past 10 years. These have ranged from the finishes used in residential builds to legislative changes across residential and commercial. I always try and keep across how the building landscape adapts to changing consumer ideas, design influences and a changing need for housing and commercial spaces.

Mr Hendy said he was delighted Darren made the decision to partner with Ausmar Group. “Darren is one of Australia’s best-known and most respected athletes and his support and passion for our business and the building industry is phenomenal.”

“My designs will incorporate light open spaces, with seamless living from inside to outside and also, create a sense of warmth that the whole family will love. The Lockyer Collection will be a home where great memories will be made.”

Darren Lockyer will be attending our display home opening on Saturday 22nd July from 5pm until 7pm, located at Stockland, Aura City of Colour.



This amazing, luxury 4 bedroom home in Flametree pocket is impossible not to fall in love with and you’re invited to make a bid on Valentines Day Sunday the 14th of February.



Built and furnished with completely donated time, resources and goods from more than 60 local businesses, all proceeds from this amazing community fundraising project by Wishilist and Ausmar Homes will be directed to the needs of sick and needy kids on the coast. An upmarket residence with quality, style and sophistication, this open plan home is perfect for entertaining. Make a splash in the designer pool before relaxing on the private outdoor space which boasts plently of room for guests. The house the coast built is fitted with loads of extra features such as solar panels, water filtration system, outdoor shower and more and Flametree pocket is the perfect location to live and grow. A boutique land estate designed to cater to the needs of all residents in the community with lifestyle, education and recreation options on your doorstep. There are an enviable array of outdoor activities on offer including a large park situated less than 150 meters away to enjoy time with family and friends. With the Mooloolah national park close by to take a bush walk, the river to leisurely canoe down or recreational bike ways to cycle on, you have any adventure playground in your backyard.

So come on down, wear your heart on your sleeve this valentines day and make the house the coast built your forever home.