5 reasons to upgrade to a SMART Home package

Do you dream of staying connected in style? If you’re looking to build, don’t leave it too late to add market value and appeal with our limited offer to upgrade your house into a SMART Home.

What is a SMART Home?

The term SMART Home in a nutshell entails embracing ‘The Internet of Things’. This means connecting your home appliances, devices and as many products as possible so they all synchronize from the touch of an app. 

“There’s no denying the market is moving hard and fast towards a generation of connected consumers. Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives, especially during the pandemic and its related restrictions and concerns.” – Josh Green, Ausmar Homes General Manager

Avoid the hefty price tag!

If you haven’t thought of upgrading your standard plan with a SMART Home package, you will be kicking yourself in the next 6 months for not making the change now. You’re likely to be in-store sometime soon looking to integrate a Google Home suite, SMART Doorbell system or even reaching out to your local solar company for an installation quote – plus the hefty price tag! If you’re interested in saving more than $6,600 right now, while you can, keep scrolling below.

Reason #1 – SMART Home Solar System with EV Charger

One of the primary reasons to install solar systems is to save BIG on energy costs. At Ausmar Homes, we understand the value of futureproofing your home. Your SMART Home upgrade will include the installation of 17 solar panels and an additional electric vehicle charging station. This may or may not be appealing to you right now, but it certainly adds market value to your home with the popularity of electric vehicles in the current savvy consumer space.

More information

Installer – https://www.stoddartgroup.com/
Product – https://www.solaxpower.com/ 

Reason #2 – SMART Home Doorbell with Notification Chime

One of the key benefits to video doorbell systems is the ability to monitor whoever is at your front door. Whether you’re at home, work or away on holidays, the video doorbell system will notify you of any motion detection, keeping you aware of your home deliveries and front door security. 

More information

Product – https://ring.com/au/en/products/video-doorbell-4-chime 

Reason #3 – SMART Home Controller with MyPlace

We cannot recommend the MyPlace System highly enough which allows you to connect ordinary products into smart home devices. This level of connectivity allows you to control and monitor your home devices from anywhere with the MyPlace mobile app. Who wouldn’t love peace of mind if you’ve shut the garage door when driving on your way to work?

More information

Product – https://www.advantageair.com.au/myplace/ 

Reason #4 – SMART Home Keyless Door Entry

You can’t put a price on home security and the Gainsborough Trilock door is no feat. We’ve all been there where you’ve locked yourself out of the house, but this smart home system eliminates all stress with pin code entry. Say hello to lighter pockets and quick access when you return home from a long day.

More information

Product – https://www.gainsboroughhardware.com.au/en/products/gfs8951aur.html 

Reason #5 – SMART Home Speaker

In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong with a quality sound system. Play a single soundtrack, or different music in each room when you add additional Citation MKII speakers. Controlling your surround sound experience from your tablet or smartphone makes living and interacting so much easier for a shared household. We can’t get enough of an upgraded SMART Home system and you’ll feel the same way too.

More information

Product – https://www.harmankardon.com.au/CITATION+ONE+MK2.html 

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Ausmar Homes SMART Homes upgrade today and enjoy the comfort of connected living when you move in. Do you have any further questions or queries? Feel free to get in touch with our dedicated sales team who will gladly assist with your upgrade today!

*Smart Home is available for a customer buy in price of $1990 for all Ausmar Homes standard designs. The ‘Smart Home’ promotion is only available for new customers who have paid a preliminary deposit on or after 01.08.2021 and on or before 31.12.2021 and is not redeemable for cash or credit at contract. Ausmar Homes reserves the right to substitute individual products should supply of listed product be unavailable. Items listed cannot be substituted for other items. Images may contain upgrade items not included in the ‘Smart Home’ promotion.

Five reasons a knockdown rebuild is right for you

Has your family outgrown your current home or its outdated design needs more than just a lick of paint? Rather than renovating or moving your entire life to a new suburb, an Ausmar knockdown rebuild may be the best solution for you. Our team will work with you to remove your old home and replace it with a new, modern design that perfectly suits your budget, lifestyle and land.

Keep reading to discover five smart reasons to consider a knockdown rebuild with Ausmar Homes.

1.It is often cheaper than a renovation

Removing your existing home and starting from scratch can be a cost-effective solution as it is generally cheaper per square metre to build a new home than it is to extensively renovate an old one. And with an up-front, fixed price building contract, you’ll avoid any of the costly “hidden” surprises often associated with renovations.

2. An Ausmar home can take just eight weeks to build

Extensive renovations are not only costly; they also take a long time to complete. With Ausmar’s three decades of experience, we have refined our construction schedule to be as condensed as just eight weeks for our Home in 8 designs. Even if you choose a larger home or custom design, our team of experts will provide you with a transparent building program so you know exactly when you’ll be moving into your new home.

3. Your new home will be exactly what you want

With a knockdown rebuild, there is no need to compromise on room sizes, design and finishes. A renovation may mean working around existing structures and layouts, while building from scratch gives you the freedom to design your home exactly the way you want it. Whatever your requirements and wishes, our team will work with you to design and build your perfect home.

4. You can stay in, or move to, the area you love most

Whether you’re replacing the home you currently live in, or have found the perfect old block in a suburb you admire, a knockdown rebuild allows you to live exactly where you want. In an increasingly tough property market, this approach can help to eliminate competition so you can move into your new home sooner.

5. It’s easier to make your new home more sustainable

Not only is an energy efficient home more environmentally friendly, it can save you more money in the long-run. It is much easier to make your home more sustainable when building from scratch as you can take advantage of your site’s orientation, choose sustainable materials and use energy efficient technology. All Ausmar homes meet the Queensland Government’s six-star energy rating requirements and we are always happy to work with clients to make their home even more sustainable if desired.

To find out whether your home is suitable for a knockdown rebuild, speak to one of Ausmar Homes’ experienced New Home Consultants at one of our display locations. Alternatively, you can contact the Ausmar Head Office on 07 5319 1500 or send us an enquiry here.


Join our House and Land Consultant, Caitlyn, for an Instagram Q&A session this Wednesday 28 April at 6pm. Caitlyn will answer all your burning questions about how and where to find vacant land, our most affordable designs, considerations for a knockdown rebuild, and whatever else has been stumping you with the current housing market.

To get us started, Caitlyn has compiled answers to some of the questions she has received in the last few months.

Q: Is there any land available? If so, where?

Yes, there is! I work closely with real estate agents & developers all over South East Queensland, and have managed to secure blocks for my clients in Gympie, the Sunshine Coast and down to Brisbane. Often when blocks ‘fall over’ i.e. a customer pulls out of their initial hold on a block and developers will reach out to me to give Ausmar a chance to offer it to our qualified buyers.

Q: My block is only 10m x 25m – what are my options?

Lots of options with us! I am currently building my own Brooklyn on my 10mx25m block in Harmony. Best thing about this range of homes is it’s eligible for our Homein8. An 8-week build time sounds too good to be true, but it really is impressive watching it go up. You get into your home much quicker than standard build times which means less time paying for rent and holding costs on the land while you’re building. It’s an all-around win-win!

Q: What’s Ausmar’s cheapest design?

Any of our 3 bed, 1 garage, 2 living are our most cost-effective options. We can finish these homes from the $170,000 mark with all the bells & whistles our clients are looking for.

Q: I already have a block with an old house. Can I do a knockdown rebuild?

Absolutely! I think the knockdown rebuild space on the Sunshine Coast is the biggest opportunity for growth and great returns considering the lack of available land in new land estates.

My recommendation if you are considering doing a knockdown is to get in touch with us at the very start of the process. We will be able to look at your current block and site your new floorplan and can discuss the next steps in the process.

I find the biggest misconception about the knock down rebuild space is that you must go down the custom path, which you aren’t required to.  You can choose any of our floorplans from our first series & designer range for your knockdown new build and I can assess to make sure it works on your block & within your budget.

Q: Can I make changes to my plan?

Short answer. Yes you can.

Long answer. Within reason. We have allowable ‘standard changes’ that helps keep the authenticity of our designs, such as moving a window or rearranging a bathroom within the same footprint. We understand that every client is different, and we want to build a home that will suit your needs.

Q: What do I need in case a block becomes available?

Finance Pre Approval

A holding deposit (usually around $1,000)

Be ready to complete the ‘expression of interest’ forms

Q: What is your favourite part of the process when helping a client/s build?

The design process. So many customers come to me deflated going through display villages being told how ‘expensive’ all the upgrades are and that they can’t achieve the house of their dreams. I love finding ways to make it a reality for them without breaking the bank! Our awesome standard inclusions really help with that!).

Q: Can you match another builders price?

Yes absolutely! I compare quotes for my customers all the time. There are big differences in builders inclusions and I can take you through them.

Q: I am a first home buyer & struggling to compare builders.  What should I look for?

Standard inclusions VS base price.

Some builders might have a cheap base price but will give you no inclusions (i.e site works, no LED’s, no insulation, flyscreens or overhead cupboards). These things can all add up pretty quickly. Our base price is stacked with inclusions that you don’t have to pay for down the line.

Contact Caitlyn, our House & Land Consultant to discuss a house and land option that is tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.


Created by Stockland, Newport is a bayside community situated in the Moreton Bay region just 33km from the Brisbane CBD. With its own parks, lakes and waterfront properties, Newport is perfect for a range of buyers from families with small children right through to downsizers.

Two of Ausmar’s most popular designs – the double storey Mossman and single story Lockyer 1.5 – are on display at Newport.

Visit our displays to discuss house and land packages available within the community and keep reading to find out more about why Ausmar loves Newport by Stockland.

Image: Ausmar’s Lockyer 1.5 design on display at Newport

An active lifestyle comes naturally at Newport

There are plenty of ways to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle if you choose to build your dream home at Newport. Four large parks have already been delivered, with another two on the way, as well as extensive green space and bike/walking paths included in the master plan.

Image credit: Pick your park (Stockland)

Water sports are a way of life

Newport provides a laid-back lifestyle in a beautiful bayside location. With 22 hectares of new canals, it is the perfect community for water-loving Queenslanders that want easy access to paddle boarding, kayaking and sailing activities.

A short drive to Redcliffe’s popular beaches

The calm, family-friendly Suttons Beach and Margate Beach are just a short drive away. They are both wonderful beaches to enjoy a swim, family BBQ, sunset picnic, waterside stroll or sun-drenched park activities.

Image credit: Your Guide to Redcliffe Swimming around the Peninsula

A lagoon by the sea

If the beach isn’t your thing, Settlement Cove Lagoon offers an alternative swimming destination all year round. The free lagoon is well shaded with a variety of areas suitable for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Image credit: Redcliffe Lagoon Settlement Cove – Take a Day Trip to Redcliffe

Plenty of dining options from cafes to restaurants

For the food-lovers among us, Newport is close to it all! Grab your morning coffee by walking to one of the local cafes, enjoy sunset fish and chips by the water, dine with friends at one of Redcliffe’s superb restaurants or enjoy a fresh food haul at the regular markets.

Image credit: The Belvedere Woody Point Pub | Moreton Bay Region

Reputable local schools

Growing families will benefit from the wide range of reputable schools and childcare centres nearby, including Redcliffe High School, Scarborough Primary School and Grace Lutheran College.

Connectivity is a breeze

Commuting to work is easy, with the Brisbane CBD just 33km away by car or via the Kippa-Ring Train Station which is just a short walk or drive away. For more local trips, the Redcliffe Peninsula is serviced by a network of buses or why not enjoy an easy getaway to the Sunshine Coast via the nearby Bruce Highway.

A variety of lot types to suit every life stage and budget

Home owners can choose from a range of land options, from smaller low maintenance dry lots through to larger waterfront lots. Contact our New Home Consultant at Newport to discuss a house and land option that is tailored specifically to you and your lifestyle.

Image: Ausmar’s Mosman design on display at Newport




Building a new home is an extremely exciting time, but it can also be quite daunting to sift through all of the available options.

A common statement we hear from Ausmar clients is that they know what they want but can’t find the right floor plan to suit their requirements. Often, clients may want to combine two or more floor plans, they have a tricky sloping block, or they just want something entirely different to a pre-designed floor plan.

This is where a custom build may be the perfect option.

In addition to pre-designed homes, Ausmar offers a custom building service for new homes across South East Queensland.

Keep reading to understand the key benefits of building a custom home with Ausmar.

A truly custom home design service

Our in-house designers are experienced in designing the full gamut of homes, including small country cottages, award-winning sustainable eco-friendly homes, duplexes, acreage homes and multi-level units. This means that there is no home too small, too big or too unique for the custom team at Ausmar Homes.

An affordable custom home building solution

While it’s true that building a custom-designed home is often more expensive than choosing a standard design, Ausmar’s custom design team will work with you to create a home that suits both your design preferences and your budget. Our custom clients benefit from cost savings passed on by the Ausmar Group’s buying power, shared administration services and network of experienced professionals.

Clear and consistent communication

Just like any new home journey, a custom build can be very exciting. That’s why we want to keep you updated on progress every step of the way. Our My Build Diary provides real-time construction updates and documentation in one convenient location. The user-friendly system allows clients and Ausmar to upload documents, manage payments, work through variations and follow construction progress right from your mobile phone or computer.

Sloping block building specialists

If you’ve purchased a block that’s a little less than flat, don’t despair. Ausmar has been building custom homes in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for almost three decades, so we’ve seen and built on all types of land. Sloping sites are no exception.

Custom building experts in South East Queensland

Ausmar is committed to providing honest, open and transparent advice to all of our clients. If you want advice on what custom designs may suit your dream block of land – whether it’s already been purchased or not – we’d love to hear from you.

Contact our team today to start your custom building journey.


Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Frank and I are middle-aged with two adult children; Olivia, 22 years and Sam, 19 years. All of us are in full time employment. We built and lived in Bracken Ridge for 27 years and felt that our house design was no longer suitable.

Why did you decide to build your first home rather than buy an existing dwelling?

We wished to stay close to the Bracken Ridge area and our current facilities so we started searching for an established house around Shorncliffe, Sandgate or Brighton. Talk about unaffordable! Tiny houses or total reno houses at top prices or hugely expensive properties that didn’t have the design requirements we were looking for. We started to think it was impossible.  Real estate was selling like hot cakes too.

We started looking for blocks of land instead so we could build what we would truly be happy with. Almost giving up, we nabbed a subdivided small block of 400m2 in Brighton, just 600m to the waterfront.

What were the initial steps you took to find the right builder for your family?

Once we bought our land, the search was on to find a house to fit the 10m wide by 40m long block. Google is a wonderful thing. That was the beginning of our winning relationship with Ausmar.

We decided to build because we had a particular floor plan in mind as our children and ourselves required more privacy. No pre-existing homes had the layout we liked. We weren’t up for a renovator with our busy work schedules.

A lot of research was involved in finding a block of land that was suitable and walking distance to the waterfront. We’ve got three dogs to keep happy too.

What were some key factors in deciding to build with Ausmar?

Researching builder’s floor plans I came across the Ausmar Ashbury design and found that this would be perfect for what we wanted on our small block. Ausmar has excellent customer reviews, family history and community project involvement so I touched base with Tyrone, the consultant at Newport Display Village, as a first step. We had a great first impression so we set an appointment time to meet. Tyrone was upfront, honest, extremely helpful and professional – I trust my gut.

What Ausmar house design did you choose and why?

Through discussion with Tyrone we found the floor plan to be perfect and with Tyrone’s assistance he personalised it to our needs by adding storage spaces and adjusting room sizes.  The Ashbury design fitted on a small lot but still looked big and impressive and the Beach facade we chose fit in with not only the bayside location but our individual style. The upstairs living suited our adult children much like a private small apartment and our main bedroom on the lower level at the back of the house was good for us as we get older and prefer not to climb stairs. We also liked the side door access, it adds privacy and also allowed space for a media room as a part of the downstairs living. We dislike house designs that have wasted space. The Ashbury has no wasted space in the design but allowed for an opportunity to increase storage space which was possible as part of our plan.

Overall, how was your initial sales experience with Ausmar?

Consultants sometimes can be overbearing and overwhelming however we were fortunate to find that Tyrone was nothing but truly patient assisting us with different ideas to fully inform us as to what we would expect building with Ausmar and was very mindful of our budget. After several meetings with Tyrone, a plan was formed that we were all happy with and the next stage of contract signing was in place.

Tell us about your experience at Ausmar’s interior design studio, Atelier:

Prior to booking in to see Sandi our colour consultant we found the on-line virtual showroom that we browsed through prior to our visit was helpful. We also prepared an inspiration board that we emailed to Sandi ready for our appointment. Meeting Sandi it was obvious that her knowledge and flare for design and colour was apparent. Sandi had prepared ready for our meeting suggestions and helped keep us on track and budget. This process was fun and easy and we felt like we made good colour decisions that would stay in style for a long time.

Were the available Atelier inclusions suitable for your family?

We noticed Ausmar’s standard range was excellent in quality and style and we ended up with quality fittings and accessories. Sandi was able to source additional selections that we wanted with ease, arranged information on alternate fixtures and fittings and was able to pre-empt issues to adjust. She was very thorough, professional and worth her weight in gold.

How was the communication with Ausmar once your build started on site?

The communication from Ausmar leading into and starting the build was always prompt and thorough and access to their Buildertrend app was a great tool to keep us in the loop and up to date on certificates, various documents, colour selection, daily schedules and invoices. Any issues were quickly resolved with our site supervisor Joshua and our Client Liaison Officer Mel. Quite often Joshua rectified anything that he saw of concern before we even questioned it. His rapport with Ausmar contractors was truly admirable. Happy tradies, better build.

What feature do you love most about Ausmar’s Ashbury design?

Frank’s and my favourite feature in our new home is the open plan living spaces and storage additions. Our kids’ favourite feature is the large balcony at the front.

Do you have any tips for other new home builders?

Go with your gut feeling. Work with a team you trust. Go with strong reputable builders no matter the budget.

Would you recommend Ausmar Homes to family and friends?

Family and friends that have visited us in our new home have been impressed with what we have achieved in design for space and comfort.

We are proud to recommend Ausmar Homes as we are so thrilled with the design, quality and value.


Find out more about Ausmar’s Ashbury design here.

Read more customer experiences here: Top 10 tips from a first home buyer.

Contact Ausmar to start your new home building journey: Contact us


Terrace homes have become increasingly popular in South East Queensland, particularly with first home buyers, investors and downsizers looking for exceptional value, low maintenance properties close to excellent amenities.

The team at Ausmar Homes is extremely proud to have won the Queensland Housing Industry Association (HIA) Small Lot Housing Award for our Brunswick terrace. The HIA awards are the most prestigious in the industry, with judges considering the best design, finishes and price for the overall winner.

Ausmar Homes’ General Manager Josh Green shares his thoughts on the Brunswick terrace, currently on display at Aura.

What is your favourite feature of the Brunswick?

The Brunswick has a tonne of natural light – enhanced by the internal courtyard – which I think makes it an absolute standout, especially when compared to other terrace designs on the market. It helps make the home feel a lot bigger than it actually is.

What type of buyer does the Brunswick appeal to most?

The majority of our enquiries have been from first home buyers. I think this is primarily due to the really high level of inclusions at a much lower price point than a typical house and land package. Our terrace homes tend to be built within reputable communities such as Aura, close to excellent amenities and requiring minimal maintenance – all benefits which have also been popular with investors and downsizers.


Why do you feel the Brunswick won such a prestigious award?

For a small home, the Brunswick really packs a punch. It includes all of the necessities in a thoughtful design that is suitable for a range of buyers at different life stages.


Where can Ausmar build a terrace home? Springfield, Aura, private developments?

Ausmar typically builds terrace homes as part of bigger community developments such as Aura. We do also have the option of building custom terrace homes for buyers providing the block of land and covenants will allow it.


The Brunswick is open for viewing at Stockland’s Aura display village.

31 Leslie Crescent, Baringa QLD, Australia


First home buyers Alanna and Henry received the keys to their brand new Ausmar home in November 2020. Alanna has been kind enough to share her top 10 tips for other first home buyers to make the experience just as enjoyable as theirs.

Building a home can be such a daunting process, especially when it’s your first home. I was putting off the process at first because I just didn’t know where to start. When the Federal Government announced the HomeBuilder grant we knew it was time to bite the bullet and start seriously looking into building our first home. We learned a few things along the way – here are our top ten tips to help make your experience as enjoyable as possible.


1: Do your research

This is cliche, I know, but it seems like there’s an infinite number of builders, with an infinite number of floor plans. It can be so overwhelming! We started the process by looking online at builders in our preferred area to see their style of homes, what other customers were saying about them and their price points. We found this to be so helpful in narrowing down the initial list of display homes we wanted to look at.


2: Visit display homes

Some of the homes we thought we’d love turned out to be pokey and impractical when we visited the display home in person. Visiting the displays was a really good way to get a feel for the designs we had shortlisted, as well as better understanding the different quality and inclusions provided by each builder. Ausmar’s Lockyer display at Newport was the first home we visited, and the last. We just kept coming back to it because we loved the way it felt, so we knew it was the right home for us.

3: Compare established homes to new builds

We looked at buying a few established homes, but when we compared them to the price of building new, we realised we’d be sacrificing on the style and age of the house if we bought something that was already established within our budget. Building new, and from Home in 8, meant that we could get exactly what we wanted within a quick timeframe that wasn’t much longer than the settlement period of an established house. Being eligible for the first home buyer and HomeBuilder grants also helped our decision!

4: Use the expertise of New Home Consultants

Our New Home Consultant Tyrone was so helpful. We didn’t realise that on top of knowing all about what Ausmar had to offer, that he’d also be able to help us find the right block of land. He’s worked in the industry and area for a long time, so he made lots of recommendations on the type of home that would work for our lifestyle and budget, and what land was available for sale in the area. Tyrone presented us with various land options and helped us to decide on the right option.

5: Spend time in the area you want to live before you buy

Both Henry and I grew up in the Bayside area, and I also work nearby. So we knew we loved the area and wanted to buy our first home here so we could be close to family, friends and work. We already knew a fair bit about Stockland’s Newport development, but once we seriously started looking at building, we went for more neighbourhood walks and visited the local cafes to get a better feel for the area. It helped us to be sure that we wanted to build in Newport.

6: Trust your Atelier Design Experts

We were pretty confident that we knew the style of home we wanted – lots of neutrals, with a slight coastal vibe. This was cemented when we saw one of Ausmar’s display homes at Newport designed by Darren Lockyer. It was the exact look we were after, so it made our colour selection process much easier. We’re told we did it in a record time of 2 hours! Having said that, there were a few things we got caught up on – such as the colour and texture of carpet. We thought we wanted a dark grey, but our colour consultant suggested we go with “Andersens Hazel Grove Everett” which is more of a ‘greige’ to suit our tiles. It took a little bit of convincing, but we’re so glad we listened to her advice because it looks absolutely amazing! Remember, interior designers do this all day everyday, so they know what works.

7: Choose a reputable builder

We’d heard so many horror stories about building a new home, and I’ll admit, we were a little scared of the process initially. We’d done some research on Ausmar before signing our contract and found that they’d won lots of awards and had a really good reputation with past customers so it helped put our minds at ease. I think it made all the difference for a positive experience by picking a professional, well-regarded builder.

8: Speak with your bank early

Finance was really the only hiccup we experienced. Our bank needed lots of documentation from us, and they weren’t prepared for such a quick build. We were really lucky that they turned everything around quickly in the end, and could make all of our progress payments on time, but it did stress us out initially. I’d recommend that you have all of your ID and credit history documents on hand, and speak with your bank early to ensure you can get into your home quickly.

9: Choose a home design that will grow with you

Ausmar’s Bellevue design was the perfect choice for us. It gives us enough space for friends to visit and stay, and will still be suitable if we’re in this house when we decide to start a family. If we move, we know that this design will also suit other home buyers at different life stages.

10: Move your partner to another state for the duration of your build

Look – this one’s a joke. I do not recommend moving your partner to another state when you’re building your first home! Henry works in the army and was deployed straight after our colour selection, not returning home until after handover. We were unable to even speak with each other throughout most of the build, so while I missed him a lot, it was probably helpful that we couldn’t keep going over our selections and wanting to make changes! I’m so glad our supervisor Liam kept me completely in the loop and was happy to answer any of my questions.


Subscribe to us on YouTube & see Alanna’s Homein8 journey as it unfolds.

Click here to find out more about Homein8


To celebrate the completion of Ausmar’s first Home in 8, we’ve put together a list of expectations versus reality when it comes to building a new Ausmar home in just eight weeks.


Expectation: A dodgy job

Reality: We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard at Ausmar. We use the same trusted trades and suppliers for Home in 8 as all of our other homes, so you can be certain that your home is of the highest quality.


Expectation: A small range of inclusions to choose from

Reality: Customers can choose from Ausmar’s full range of (not-so) standard inclusions, including stone benches, on-trend tapware and an aggregate driveway.


Expectation: An unfinished home

Reality: Your Home in 8 is ready to move into the day of handover – meaning you’ll have all of the things you want in your home, including a driveway, flyscreens and solar.


Expectation: High stress

Reality: Our highly skilled head office and construction teams have worked closely together to ensure we don’t over promise on what we can deliver. Keeping a tight schedule allows everyone to sleep well at night.


Expectation: A forgotten homeowner

Reality: Ausmar’s job is to keep the lines of communication open with every customer. Just because we’re building your home to a condensed timeframe absolutely does not mean we’ll condense customer communication.


Click here to find out more about building an Ausmar Home in 8.


For most First Home Buyers the journey is long and often times will involve many display home visits and house inspections with no end in sight. The reason being is that it is extremely hard to find one house (already existing) that will tick every box. But then you realise, the ‘right’ one can’t be found because it doesn’t exist yet.

Some home buyers are comfortable with finding an existing home that is close to but not quite perfect, while many opt to build their ideal home brand new. Building a house is exciting, maybe even more so than purchasing an existing home, you get to see it all unfold.

So you’ve made the exciting decision to build your first home, buckle up, it’s time for the adventure of a lifetime! Not only will you now start your journey to home ownership, but you get to be a part of every aspect of creating your very own slice of heaven.

Building a new home is extremely rewarding, however, the entire experience can sometimes be tainted if not properly prepared for and if the build team you choose is not experienced to take on such a project.

As overwhelming as it may seem, the home building process can actually be a very enjoyable experience, you just need to take the time at the start to do your research and plan accordingly.

So, to guide you through how to go about starting your journey to building your new home, here are some useful (and exciting) things to think about.

Start with an end goal in sight

As with any big project, you have to first clearly outline the end goal, so naturally when taking on a home build project you’d do the same. Creating your new home is all about setting goals for what your ideal home will consist of (also known as your ‘Wishlist’ & ‘Must Haves’) and then taking appropriate steps to achieve them.

Before even speaking to any home builders, it’s important that you take the time to think about what you want from a home. Think about the lifestyle you want to live and most importantly, think about your life a few years from now and what that looks like – your home should be built to cater to your present and future lifestyle (most Australians will live in their home for at least a few years once purchased or built).

Not only that, it’s good to think about what style of home you would like, your preferred location (or as close to that depending on your budget), the number of bedrooms etc. Even if nothing is set in stone as yet, having a clear direction will help give you a sense of what the end result should be and roughly what it will cost you (in both time and money).


Research is key

There are several things to consider when building a new home, all of which will have an impact on the end result. Doing your research before even starting the build talks is essential. A good place to start is having a general idea of the area that you would like to live in, location will, in turn, will have a flow-on effect to the budget which then will impact the home design and all other aspects of your new home.

Adequate planning will help you to better understand your options and/or limitations for when you do eventually consult with home builders and architects.

Once you know what your ‘end goal’ looks like, you can research your options accordingly based on what you’ve decided are your ‘Must-Haves’ and ‘Wishlist’ elements.

‘Must-Haves’ are the more practical and essential requirements of your home;

Where do you want to live?

What type of dwelling would you like? (single storey home, double storey home, townhouse)

What number of bedrooms should it have?


Your ‘Wishlist’ items are linked to the more emotional elements of the home;

Size and style of kitchen

Adding walk-in-robes

Number of bathrooms

Number of garages

Pool and other entertainment areas


This may seem like a lot to take in and think about at once, but most reputable home builders will have options of house and land packages and house designs on hand that would already tick some important boxes and that can be your starting point.


Confirm a budget

We’ve all heard the saying that property is most likely the biggest person that any person will likely make in their lifetime, which is why budgeting appropriately for this is not to be taken lightly.

During your home building journey, you will no doubt be reminded about and asked about your budget (and rightly so). This is THE most important aspect to get right straight off the bat. Everything from location, to house design to materials used, all are determined by budget constraints.

Having a realistic budget in mind will help focus your efforts and ensure you have sufficient funds at every stage of the build and a bit extra for contingencies.

When confirming your budget, of course, you’ll start (and end) with what you can afford to build your home, but you should consider how this cost (and the ongoing costs of home ownership) fits in with your overall plans for the future.

It is recommended to consult with experts in the industry to help you get an accurate and realistic indication of what budget you have to work with. Speaking with a loan expert to get you the right home loan can have a real impact on your finances in the short and long term. Getting this right will save you a world of headache and heartache down the track.

Once you know what funds you have available to work with, you can then carefully allocate this to the costs that you are likely to face (this is where your research done prior will come into play). It pays to be an educated home buyer (home builder), literally.

It is important to remember that the costs incurred during this time include but isn’t limited to just the actual build only – you should factor in costs for construction loan fees, cost of land, solicitor fees, taxes and other expenses pertaining to building a home.

Regardless of whether you choose to build a home or purchase an existing home, you will likely incur related fees and taxes – such as the nature of the property market. For this reason, it is wise (and highly recommended) to leave room in the budget for contingencies.


Start your new home build search

Now with all of that well thought out strategy and a confirmed (realistic) budget, you get to actively take steps to get the ’house building’ show on the road.

This is the point in the journey where it starts to feel a bit more real – the excitement builds, and you get to enjoy the process a bit more. Your search for suitable options kicks off and you look to find that ideal piece of land, you start looking into reputable home builders (preferably one who can provide a full-service build process) and definitely start visiting a few display homes for inspiration and take it from there. There is no timeline as to how long this step takes but it is always a good idea to not rush into any decisions.

Ultimately, the key to an enjoyable home build process is communication, ask lots of questions and make sure you understand all aspects of the project so that you can make informed decisions.

Master builders like Ausmar Homes will not only have a variety of turn-key house & land packages and house design options available that suit your specific budget and needs, they will also walk you through the entire build process ensuring your build is completed to the highest standard and as agreed.


The key takeaway

There is no single way to get into the property market and a wide range of options are available to first home buyers and first home builders alike, and there is no quick fix if your home building process doesn’t go as planned. Hence the importance of proper planning and consideration is key to a seamless new home build project.

So be sure to align yourself with experts in the industry who can help you navigate the process both financially and concerning the build itself.

Getting a foot in the property market doesn’t need to be an impossible dream, you can now have an Ausmar Home to call your own with a deposit as low as 10k.  This exclusive first home buyer solution gives you the opportunity to build a brand-new home with Ausmar Homes and all you need is;

To have a solid rental history, even if it’s as short as three months,

To be able to qualify for the state governments first owners grant and

To have a clear credit history

Ausmar Homes first home buyer’s solution (as with all our home builds) is backed by honesty, integrity, and transparency throughout the entire build process.

Simply contact our First Home build specialists and we’ll be in touch and have you on your way to owning your first home sooner than you thought.