Tell us a little bit about yourselves

Frank and I are middle-aged with two adult children; Olivia, 22 years and Sam, 19 years. All of us are in full time employment. We built and lived in Bracken Ridge for 27 years and felt that our house design was no longer suitable.

Why did you decide to build your first home rather than buy an existing dwelling?

We wished to stay close to the Bracken Ridge area and our current facilities so we started searching for an established house around Shorncliffe, Sandgate or Brighton. Talk about unaffordable! Tiny houses or total reno houses at top prices or hugely expensive properties that didn’t have the design requirements we were looking for. We started to think it was impossible.  Real estate was selling like hot cakes too.

We started looking for blocks of land instead so we could build what we would truly be happy with. Almost giving up, we nabbed a subdivided small block of 400m2 in Brighton, just 600m to the waterfront.

What were the initial steps you took to find the right builder for your family?

Once we bought our land, the search was on to find a house to fit the 10m wide by 40m long block. Google is a wonderful thing. That was the beginning of our winning relationship with Ausmar.

We decided to build because we had a particular floor plan in mind as our children and ourselves required more privacy. No pre-existing homes had the layout we liked. We weren’t up for a renovator with our busy work schedules.

A lot of research was involved in finding a block of land that was suitable and walking distance to the waterfront. We’ve got three dogs to keep happy too.

What were some key factors in deciding to build with Ausmar?

Researching builder’s floor plans I came across the Ausmar Ashbury design and found that this would be perfect for what we wanted on our small block. Ausmar has excellent customer reviews, family history and community project involvement so I touched base with Tyrone, the consultant at Newport Display Village, as a first step. We had a great first impression so we set an appointment time to meet. Tyrone was upfront, honest, extremely helpful and professional – I trust my gut.

What Ausmar house design did you choose and why?

Through discussion with Tyrone we found the floor plan to be perfect and with Tyrone’s assistance he personalised it to our needs by adding storage spaces and adjusting room sizes.  The Ashbury design fitted on a small lot but still looked big and impressive and the Beach facade we chose fit in with not only the bayside location but our individual style. The upstairs living suited our adult children much like a private small apartment and our main bedroom on the lower level at the back of the house was good for us as we get older and prefer not to climb stairs. We also liked the side door access, it adds privacy and also allowed space for a media room as a part of the downstairs living. We dislike house designs that have wasted space. The Ashbury has no wasted space in the design but allowed for an opportunity to increase storage space which was possible as part of our plan.

Overall, how was your initial sales experience with Ausmar?

Consultants sometimes can be overbearing and overwhelming however we were fortunate to find that Tyrone was nothing but truly patient assisting us with different ideas to fully inform us as to what we would expect building with Ausmar and was very mindful of our budget. After several meetings with Tyrone, a plan was formed that we were all happy with and the next stage of contract signing was in place.

Tell us about your experience at Ausmar’s interior design studio, Atelier:

Prior to booking in to see Sandi our colour consultant we found the on-line virtual showroom that we browsed through prior to our visit was helpful. We also prepared an inspiration board that we emailed to Sandi ready for our appointment. Meeting Sandi it was obvious that her knowledge and flare for design and colour was apparent. Sandi had prepared ready for our meeting suggestions and helped keep us on track and budget. This process was fun and easy and we felt like we made good colour decisions that would stay in style for a long time.

Were the available Atelier inclusions suitable for your family?

We noticed Ausmar’s standard range was excellent in quality and style and we ended up with quality fittings and accessories. Sandi was able to source additional selections that we wanted with ease, arranged information on alternate fixtures and fittings and was able to pre-empt issues to adjust. She was very thorough, professional and worth her weight in gold.

How was the communication with Ausmar once your build started on site?

The communication from Ausmar leading into and starting the build was always prompt and thorough and access to their Buildertrend app was a great tool to keep us in the loop and up to date on certificates, various documents, colour selection, daily schedules and invoices. Any issues were quickly resolved with our site supervisor Joshua and our Client Liaison Officer Mel. Quite often Joshua rectified anything that he saw of concern before we even questioned it. His rapport with Ausmar contractors was truly admirable. Happy tradies, better build.

What feature do you love most about Ausmar’s Ashbury design?

Frank’s and my favourite feature in our new home is the open plan living spaces and storage additions. Our kids’ favourite feature is the large balcony at the front.

Do you have any tips for other new home builders?

Go with your gut feeling. Work with a team you trust. Go with strong reputable builders no matter the budget.

Would you recommend Ausmar Homes to family and friends?

Family and friends that have visited us in our new home have been impressed with what we have achieved in design for space and comfort.

We are proud to recommend Ausmar Homes as we are so thrilled with the design, quality and value.


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