5 reasons to upgrade to a SMART Home package

Do you dream of staying connected in style? If you’re looking to build, don’t leave it too late to add market value and appeal with our limited offer to upgrade your house into a SMART Home.

What is a SMART Home?

The term SMART Home in a nutshell entails embracing ‘The Internet of Things’. This means connecting your home appliances, devices and as many products as possible so they all synchronize from the touch of an app. 

“There’s no denying the market is moving hard and fast towards a generation of connected consumers. Technology has become such an integral part of our daily lives, especially during the pandemic and its related restrictions and concerns.” – Josh Green, Ausmar Homes General Manager

Avoid the hefty price tag!

If you haven’t thought of upgrading your standard plan with a SMART Home package, you will be kicking yourself in the next 6 months for not making the change now. You’re likely to be in-store sometime soon looking to integrate a Google Home suite, SMART Doorbell system or even reaching out to your local solar company for an installation quote – plus the hefty price tag! If you’re interested in saving more than $6,600 right now, while you can, keep scrolling below.

Reason #1 – SMART Home Solar System with EV Charger

One of the primary reasons to install solar systems is to save BIG on energy costs. At Ausmar Homes, we understand the value of futureproofing your home. Your SMART Home upgrade will include the installation of 17 solar panels and an additional electric vehicle charging station. This may or may not be appealing to you right now, but it certainly adds market value to your home with the popularity of electric vehicles in the current savvy consumer space.

More information

Installer – https://www.stoddartgroup.com/
Product – https://www.solaxpower.com/ 

Reason #2 – SMART Home Doorbell with Notification Chime

One of the key benefits to video doorbell systems is the ability to monitor whoever is at your front door. Whether you’re at home, work or away on holidays, the video doorbell system will notify you of any motion detection, keeping you aware of your home deliveries and front door security. 

More information

Product – https://ring.com/au/en/products/video-doorbell-4-chime 

Reason #3 – SMART Home Controller with MyPlace

We cannot recommend the MyPlace System highly enough which allows you to connect ordinary products into smart home devices. This level of connectivity allows you to control and monitor your home devices from anywhere with the MyPlace mobile app. Who wouldn’t love peace of mind if you’ve shut the garage door when driving on your way to work?

More information

Product – https://www.advantageair.com.au/myplace/ 

Reason #4 – SMART Home Keyless Door Entry

You can’t put a price on home security and the Gainsborough Trilock door is no feat. We’ve all been there where you’ve locked yourself out of the house, but this smart home system eliminates all stress with pin code entry. Say hello to lighter pockets and quick access when you return home from a long day.

More information

Product – https://www.gainsboroughhardware.com.au/en/products/gfs8951aur.html 

Reason #5 – SMART Home Speaker

In our opinion, you really can’t go wrong with a quality sound system. Play a single soundtrack, or different music in each room when you add additional Citation MKII speakers. Controlling your surround sound experience from your tablet or smartphone makes living and interacting so much easier for a shared household. We can’t get enough of an upgraded SMART Home system and you’ll feel the same way too.

More information

Product – https://www.harmankardon.com.au/CITATION+ONE+MK2.html 

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of Ausmar Homes SMART Homes upgrade today and enjoy the comfort of connected living when you move in. Do you have any further questions or queries? Feel free to get in touch with our dedicated sales team who will gladly assist with your upgrade today!

*Smart Home is available for a customer buy in price of $1990 for all Ausmar Homes standard designs. The ‘Smart Home’ promotion is only available for new customers who have paid a preliminary deposit on or after 01.08.2021 and on or before 31.12.2021 and is not redeemable for cash or credit at contract. Ausmar Homes reserves the right to substitute individual products should supply of listed product be unavailable. Items listed cannot be substituted for other items. Images may contain upgrade items not included in the ‘Smart Home’ promotion.

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